InstallOus was the best and one and only jailbreak app that was offering many great paid apps for free. Finally got shut down. Then, InstallOus alternatives are born in the Cydia community.

During early days of jailbreaking, there was a huge demand of InstallOus, AppulOus, AppTrackr and iPAStore. Most of popular jailbreak apps made by HackulOus which was quite popular Cydia repo at that time. HackulOus made InstallOus and AppulOus. Whereas, iPAStore is made by iPhoneCake repo source. Sadly, all these jailbreak apps got shut down with the time.

Now the question was, which is the best InstallOus alternative after shut down of InstallOus and it’s repo source. Just after shutting down of InstallOus, many great apps introduced in the jailbreak community. vShare, AppCake and AppAddict where the leader of those sources that offer mostly all top paid apps in cracked version.

With the time these InstallOus alternative apps made themselves compatible to work on devices that are not jailbroken. AppAddict, vShare and Kuaiyong took place in this category. So, if you’re on iOS 10.2, you can install vShare or Kuaiyong to install couple great jailbreak apps without jailbreaking your iPhone.

The main goal of these jailbreak apps was to deliver cracked apps or the apps which are modded. The simple solution was to create a platform where these apps can work and Cydia was the best platform for this. Number of apps came as alternative to InstallOus such as 25PP, HipStore and Zeusmos along with above listed options.

Among this there are couple InstallOus alternatives available on the web such as iFunBox, iTools and SynciOS that work on Mac and Windows PC to install top jailbreak apps on iPhone without jailbreaking device. The simple thing is, those apps can work without the help of jailbreak. Take a example of GBA4iOS or MovieBox. Both these apps can be installed and successfully operated without any need of jailbreaking.

Take a detailed look at those alternatives…

Install0us Alternatives

1 vShare: This is my favorite source and app as an alternative to InstallOus. Its free, offers the same apps and gets update daily. So, once the paid app gets update, vShare developers and authors update that tweak for jailbreak users. This is how, vShare became too popular alternative app to InstallOus. vShare is developed by AppVV which as thousands upon thousands registered forum users.

This installOus alternative can be installed two ways. You can open Safari browser and visit the website link given above and it would ask you to install vShare on your device. It would offer two version for you. Once works without jailbreak and the second version is dedicated for jailbreak device. You can install one of those two iPhone compatible versions.

AppAddict: vShare is not working on your iOS 10.2 device? Don’t worry. AppAddict is one of the best InstallOus alternatives. You should try AppAddict that works on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without any support of jailbreaking. But yes, if you’ve jailbroken device, you can install many paid apps for free.

AppCake: iPAStore was a strong rival of InstallOus when it got shut down. But somehow, iPAStore has to be closed and the developers of iPAStore developed new website known as iPhoneCake. iPhoneCake developers improved iPAStore with the new name of AppCake.

AppCake is available for iPad Mini, iPad Air as HD version and the separate iPhone version available which is known as AppCake+. Both the InstallOus rival apps work on jailbroken device. If you’re looking for really strong alternative to InstallOus, then AppCake is one that can be considered.

4 iFunBox: InstallOus doesn’t work on iPhone even after jailbreaking, you can choose iFunBox to install your favorite apps and games on iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch and iPhone.

iFunBox is available for Mac OS X and Windows Computer. iFunBox allows users to install iPA files, install and uninstall apps from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Its available for iOS 10.2 too.

25PP: I consider 25PP as the best competitor for InstallOus. 25PP is a large organization that offers untethered jailbreak solution for mac and also offers dedicated app for iPhone that allows user to download full version free apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Recently, the team of 25PP released a successful untethered jailbreak iOS 10.2 for Mac OS X. Mac users can jailbreak and use this app store on their iPhone and iPad for free. You won’t miss Install0us ever. 25PP is must better than InstallOus.

6 Zeusmos: You never want to use InstallOus any more after installing Zeusmos, because using Zeusmos, you can download hundreds of free apps, games and jailbreak hacks on your iPad and iPhone. Zeusmos is really serious InstallOus like jailbreak app.

Kuaiyong: Look, any paid app requires some cent or dollar from your pocket. None of the apps available on the web like InstallOus Cydia app that offer everything free. However, Kuaiyong is the iOS app that works on every device whether you’ve jailbroken iPad or rootless firmware. You’re free to download all the apps for free.

Suppose, I’m missing any strong rival of InstallOus, you can comment and suggest that name to me. I’ll add that alternative with your name as credit.