Zeusmos – Users consider this jailbreak app as the best InstallOus alternative, but today, we’d show you each and everything about Zeusmos. How to Download it and how to install it from Cydia app store.

I found hundreds of users recently in jailbreaking community searching the best jailbreak app store to download and install paid apps for free. In various interviews, I found that before many users use InstallOus, but as now its shut down, they’ve found a new way in form of Zeusmos Cydia tweak.

Many users argue with me that they wanted to try before purchasing paid tweaks from Apple app store and so that they use Zeusmos and other InstallOus Alternatives. Is it true that Zeusmos allows users to try those paid apps before purchasing from app store or just a argue. Lets see.

Zeusmos is one of those alternatives apps which can be used instead of InstallOus. Actually to download cracked apps, users download Zeusmos and install those cracked apps on their jailbroken iPhone and iPad for free. This is true thing. The same thing was offering by InstallOus, iPAStore and AppulOus couple of years back. But with the time, InstallOus was shut down and many other Cydia apps took place of it. I would say all of these Cydia apps were jailbreak app store that offered cracked apps. They cracks paid apps and offer those cracked apps to users for free. Zeusmos iPhone app was one of them.

How to Install Zeusmos iOS 10.2

But, if you’ve decided to install Zeusmos repo on your iPhone, then there are few things you need to do which can be done very easily after jailbreaking your iPhone.


  • Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini or iPad Air
  • Cydia app store – This app store is the place from where one can download and install Zeusmos and other jailbreak apps. It must be installed with your jailbreak.
  • AppSync Unified Zeusmos plugin.

Now, we’d download Zeusmos from Cydia by adding a repository address. This is little tricky part, so do as I did to test this app on my iPhone.

Go 1: Look, any jailbroken device should have Cydia app store. If you’ve iOS 10.2, you’d have used TaiG or PP Jailbreak. TaiG installs Cydia installer by default. When you navigate your springboard, you’d found that Cydia app icon would be present there. You need to turn your WiFi On and open Cydia store.

Go 2: The most important step is adding Zeusmos repo. In Cydia app, tap on “Sources” and then “Edit” and in last tap on “Add” link given out there.

Go 3: Input xSellize repo source url in the box. Type http://cydia.xsellize.com and press add source button. Cydia would warn you adding this source. Just press “Add Anyway” and continue.

Go 4: Once you’ve added xSellize repository, you need to return to Cydia to install Zeusmos. So, return to Cydia and again tap on Sources and then xSellize repo. Here you need to scroll down the screen until you see Zeusmos app. Tap on Zeusmos app icon and then install it. Reboot after installation.

Note: I’ve noted that Zeusmos can’t work properly without few things including AppSync plugin and WiFi connection.

Zeusmos Alternatives:

I personally don’t like Zeusmos and I won’t recommend anybody to install it. The primary reason is, it redirects to Apple app store often. I think, the developer of Zeusmos might get a cut from those Apple app store apps or might be anything else.

But, its really annoying to get redirected to Apple app store from Zeusmos store. So, I would recommend to try other alternatives such as vShare, 25PP or AppAddict. Another jailbreak tweak is famous for alternative is, AppCake. You can try these tweaks as alternative to Zeusmos.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong anywhere. Your comments are always welcome.