Using Cydia Repos, one can easily download and install tweaks, jailbreak apps and various game modes directly from jailbreak app store on iPhone and iPad…

40% iOS users have moved to iOS 10.2 in just 10 days and interestingly, 15% users have jailbroken their iPhone or iPad and installed jailbreak app store. This shows the popularity of tweaks, apps and various sources available on Jailbreak appstore.

Cydia Sources are the key address where developers adds their stuff and interesting users download those useful jailbreak hacks for their jailbroken iPhone. If you’re not aware about this things, you should read What is Cydia and How to Add Cydia Repos to install tweaks. Other useful links given here which is added here exclusively. You won’t find such apps, tweaks and Cydia Sources.

Normally, these Cydia repositories contains tweaks, jailbreak apps, game hacks and themes. Each repo source may contain tweaks or themes from various different developers. These tweaks and apps may be free or paid, cracked or modded. Since jailbreaking is legal, Cydia sources became great part of jailbreaking. To download and install particular app, you need to add respectively repository address, if default repo source doesn’t have that tweak. Simply, you can add as many repositories as you want. 5 top Cydia sources have been added as default which get updates too frequently. But, you can add more sources to the app.

Now, come close to the topic. There are 5 default Cydia sources listed to the app. Three are best of the best repositories and other are just formality added by Saurik. Avoid other two repositories from the list. You can remove them too. We’ve added some exclusive repo address using which you can download and install couple paid Cydia tweaks for free. Take a close screen shot to the list of top Cydia repos.

Suppose, I’m missing any repository, you can mentioned them in the comments…

13 Best Cydia Repos, Sources for iOS 10.2

Before I start discovering exclusive list of top Cydia sources, take a look at 3 default must have repositories. Take a look…

1 BigBoss: This is the first default repository package on jailbreak app store. You can count it as a king of repo sources. 2 out of 3 Cydia app are hosted on BigBoss. It is full of free and paid jailbreak apps that includes Cydia hacks, apps, tweaks, themes and game mods for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad Air. They’ve dedicated blog and forum to address any issues or bugs related to tweaks hosted on BigBoss repo source. The developers of BigBoss are very active and they never miss the chance to get the feedback and tweak request from the users who actively using and installing Cydia apps hosted by BigBoss repository. I can’t make a list of tweaks hosted by BigBoss, because the list is so large and it may contain hundreds or even thousands of Cydia apps mixture of paid and free tweaks. I recommend users to keep BigBoss repository on you list of top Cydia sources not to miss any important free tweak.

ModMyi: 1 out of 3 Cydia tweaks hosted by ModMyi repo source. The large number of tweaks hosted by ModMyi are free and other are paid apps. Couple of tweaks hosted on ModMyi are very popular such as IntelliScreenX, MyWi and BiteSMS. You can find other tweaks also which are free and working on iPhone and iPad after jailbreaking. My favorite tweak hosted on ModMyi repository is, “SBSettings”. I always look SBSettings for my iPad. I would recommend to keep continue with this repo source in your top repo list. It comes as default Cydia source, so you don’t need to add it manually.

ZodTTD: If you’re looking jailbreaking to decorate your iPhone or iPad Mini, iPad Air, then ZodTTD is one of the best Cydia repos which are listed as default source. ZodTTD is full of Cydia themes which contains paid and free themes. You can find hundreds of free themes out there which are fully compatible for Winterboard. ZodTTD also listed on Cydia as default repo source. It places on third position in our list of Best Cydia Sources for iOS 10.2.

iPhoneCake Repo: One of the Best Cydia repos. I never miss this repository to download most current jailbreak apps and paid apps in cracked form. It offers jailbreak apps such as AppCake, iPAStore and the large database of free and cracked apps, games and themes. All are free. iPhoneCake repository is the best for those users who are looking to download everything for free. You don’t wanna pay anything to install Cydia tweaks? Add iPhoneCake source and download AppCake iPhone app. Keep it simple.

AppVV Repo: Its one of the most active and must have Cydia Sources at the moment for iOS 10.2. AppVV source and website is focusing on vShare. This is a iPhone app store that contains almost all popular games and apps in cracked form. Furthermore, vShare is only one jailbreak app that works without jailbreak and after jailbreaking. It means it works on both devices. Suppose, you’re planning to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 10.2, you can look for vShare app. AppVV offers MovieBox which is entertainment app, GBA4iOS which is game emulator and many other popular games and apps even without jailbreak your iPad or iPhone. If you’ve jailbroken iOS, simply add AppVV Cydia source and download vShare for free.

AppAddict Source: My favorite repository is AppAddict. It has dedicated website and forum and launched a iPhone app that works on both iOS firmware whether it is jailbroken or not. I would recommend to add one repo out of 4, 5 and 6 number Cydia sources. You can found all the famous paid apps on AppAddict repo source for free. We’ve covered AppAddict in a detailed overview which can be read from above given link.

SinFuliPhoneRepo: Are you looking to install cracked apps? SinFuliPhoneRepo is the best among all repository addresses. It has Cydia repository and dedicated forum which run by couple of jailbreak lovers. SinFuliPhoneRepo created a top class popularity among all Cydia Sources and community. It mostly contains cracked apps from app store and not Cydia tweaks.

8 InSanelyi Repo: Its close competitor of SinFuliPhoneRepo that contains similar apps and game mods. You can request your favorite game mods and paid apps in cracked version. Everything offered by this Cydia repo are free. So don’t worry about money. Currently, Insanelyi is the hot repo which updates tweak updates via Twitter account to all it’s followers.

9 FillippoBiga: Do you know, this is my favorite Cydia repo. Do you know why? It updates “Springtomize” Cydia tweak. Springtomize is famous for ultimate iPhone settings that includes settings for dock, status bar, control center, notification center, lockscreen, folders, icons, springboard page scrolling settings, animation and multitasking settings. You can say that Springtomize is one of the best and must have Cydia apps for ever. So, don’t forget to add FillippoBiga not to miss any updates for Springtomize iOS 10.2.

10 HackYouriPhone Repo: Now, the time is to get couple of top Cydia tweaks for free. How? Simply, add HackYouriPhone repository source. You’ll found all the top Cydia apps for free on this repo. HackYouriPhone repo offers Springtomize, IntelliScreenX, MyWi and couple of other best Cydia tweaks for free.

11 BiteYourApple Source: Its close competitor of HackYouriPhone repository address. You can found all most all paid Cydia tweaks for free on BiteYourApple repo source. I would recommend all the readers to add this repository to test the paid tweaks before buying them.

12 iSpazio Repo: In short description, you’ll found some game mods and cracked apps exclusively from iSpazio Cydia source which can’t be found on any other repo sources. So, simply check iSpazio for once.

13 xSellize Repository: The same things can be expected from xSellize repository that we mentioned for iSpazio. xSellize is also very popular Cydia source and contains some exclusive jailbreak apps for free.

At last, I request my readers to correct me, if I’m making any mistake making this Cydia Sources list. You can write just a single line of comment to encourage me.