How to Download AppSync and Install Without Error

Many Cydia blogs have covered how to download and install AppSync on the web. We’ve also mentioned a quick way to install AppSync Unified app while applying different different Cydia tweaks on jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad Air.

However, after a lot of jailbreak releases many tweaks have been either stopped working or just updated to be compatible with the new jailbreaks. The time when iOS 8.1 was released, many users had mentioned that they were facing a lot of errors using different different versions of AppSync.

Thanks to AppSync Unified official app developers who have updated the tweak and promised to work on all future versions of firmware and jailbreak. Okay then, so what we were explaning? Yeah, now only one app can be installed to solve all your problems, issues and requirements while either working or installing various Cydia apps such as iAPFree, LocaliAPStore, vShare and many other applications.

For a quick introduction of AppSync, to the newbie who are using or working on AppSync first time, we need to rewind what actually AppSync Unified app is.

AppSync can be used at many occasions. Many users use it while working on beta Cydia tweaks to test different kind of tests whereas other users use it to install Cydia tweaks mentioned above but not limited to. In short, AppSync is free Cydia tweak and useful for many different kind of users after jailbreaking. Suppose, you’re facing error using AppSync Official repo, we’d try to fix them later on this post.

How to Add AppSync Official Repo Source

Look, when you’d search AppSync on the web, you’d find various different versions of the app, but all versions are not official. We recommend our readers to download only official app from official repo address.


1. There’re various jailbreaks available on the web to jailbreak iOS 10.2, iOS 8.3 and older versions of jailbreak. There may be iOS 10.2 jailbreak soon. But, we recommend users to use TaiG jailbreak for Windows. If you don’t have windows, you can try PP Jailbreak which is released by 25PP jailbreak team.

2. The second thing is, try only official repo (Angelxwind) source rather than any other repo sources just like HYI or BYA repos.

So, now we’re ready to go downloading AppSync Unified iOS Cydia tweak on our jailbroken iPad or iPhone.

Go 1: Unlock your iPhone with passcode and open Cydia.

Go 2: Sources section has been given separately, tap on it.

Go 3: The bottom line is adding official repository address, here you need to tap on Edit and then Add button to add AppSync repo.


Tap on “Add Source” and continue. It would take a minute or two depend on your internet speed.

Go 4: Tap on Return to Cydia after adding repo url.

How to Install AppSync Unified Cydia tweak

You’ve completed most imported all the steps and at the end added official repository source. The thing remaining is, AppSync.

Go 1: To download the tweak, you need to tap on repo source that you’ve added in above step and search the package called AppSync Unified tweak.

Go 2: You can search the app using Cydia search feature and then type “AppSync Unified” and tap on it.

Go 3: The install button would be appear on the installation page where you would tap on Install button and download the tweak.

Go 4: Installer would install the AppSync Unified app, reboot your system to give to take effect.


Congratulations! We’ve successfully installed the app.

Suppose, you’ve any issue that can be in any case due to minor issue, you can comment in below disqus form without registering the account or get free email updates to get fix for the tweak via email.

Don’t forget to share your experience.