iNoCydia Download for iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak

If you’re Cydia lover and was waiting for iOS 10 jailbreak, then I can understand you feelings. Cydia has many limitation, but the main requirement to install it is, jailbreak. You need jailbreak for iOS 10 in order to download Cydia and install on iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch.

Cydia Alternative: Download iNoCydia and install Cydia tweaks without jailbreak

The thing is very easy, jailbreak your firmware and install Cydia or jailbreak your firmware and untethered tool would install Cydia for you automatically. But, what is reality? Jailbreak is not so easy. iOS 10 jailbreak was released after seven months. This period was so big. There were a lot of firmware were released and we didn’t have any jailbreak to install Cydia.

Actually, Cydia is a part of our regular life as iOS user. Then, there should be an alternative to Cydia that work without jailbreak. I’m not talking about OpenAppMkt or Open App Mkt Cydia Installer. I’m talking about “iNoCydia”.

iNoCydia is a Cydia alternative that allows user to install Cydia apps, tweaks and free apps without jailbreak and no computer or PC. Yeah, that’s exactly work what you read. iNoCydia 3.o is coming that allows user to create their own repo source.

According to developers, iNoCydia can install Emulators such as Emu4iOS, GBA4iOS and apps like MovieBox without jailbreak. You can run iNoCydia on iOS 10 without jailbreak and install all of these stuff for free. There is no PC required to download or install these apps.

Apple announce iOS 10 rootless security system and large number of jailbreak communities have mentioned that iOS 10 would be tough to jailbreak. In this case, iNoCydia can be a great alternative to Cydia. In short, if there is no jailbreak or you wanna install Cydia without jailbreak, iNoCydia is a great app.

Its not Cydia or jailbreak tool. It’s a simple alternative to jailbreak app store that works without jailbreak on iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch. Yeah, the name i No Cydia says the story of behind the scene. You can still download tweaks and install on iOS without Cydia or no jailbreak.

To find out truth, I just installed iNoCydia and navigated it. I found that the app contains various tweaks, apps and emulators to install for free. There is a separate section for repository where we can create our own repository. The Cydia alternative contains sections for Cydia Apps, Cydia Tweaks, Repositories.

iNoCydia 3.0 has same user interface that you get on Cydia iOS 10 or iOS 10. The app offers Manage, Packages, Sources and Settings sections where you can add or change various settings.

How to Install iNoCydia Without Jailbreak

The main benefit is there is no jailbreak required to install Cydia alternative. So, you can install iNoCydia on iOS 10 without any issue or on any firmware that is not jailbreakable. So, if you can’t jailbreak, you can still install iNoCydia for sure.


  • Jailbreak required: No, It can be installed without jailbreak.
  • WiFi or any internet connectivity required.


Go 1: Connect your iPhone with Internet connectivity. Open Safari web browser.

Go 2: Point your web browser to

Go 3: The website would ask you to download iNoCydia to install on your iPhone or iPad whatever device you’ve used.

Go 4: Once you’ve downloaded iNoCydia 3, you need to tap on “Install” button.

Go 5: Now, press home button, you’d notice iNoCydia on your homepage.

That’s it. Done.

Note: If you’re hoping to install Cydia installer in form of iNoCydia, then you should go away and jailbreak your device and download Cydia. iNoCydia is a Cydia alternative according to the developer. But, as far as I checked the app, it doesn’t offer tweaks like actual iFile.

iFile Cydia tweak is listed on iNoCydia app, but it won’t work like actual iFile application. To have fun without jailbreak, you can download iNoCydia and install on your iPod Touch, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone.

If you’ve any question or query about the new app, you can leave a single line of comment in below form.