Download GBA Emulator for iPhone: GBA4iOS, Emu4iOS and NDS4iOS iOS 10

Apple just released iOS 10 and there are a lot of changes noticed by many game lovers specially GBA addicted users who were using their iPhone or iPad to play games using GBA emulator for iOS.

No doubt that iOS 10 gonna change the way installing and playing games using GBA emulators. NDS4iOS for iOS 10, GBA4iOS iOS 10 and Emu4iOS 10 are couple of those popular game emulators available on the web. The large number of users use GBA4iOS 10 emulator for iPhone.

Apple made a huge change in iOS 10 firmware to handle these emulators specially GBA emulator iPhone compatible. Recently, they patched the so called loop trick which was famous with date loot trick and now it became more harder to handle GBA emulator on iPhone. This small loophole was responsible for injecting malware or malecious codes into iOS 10 firmware, so to prevent it, Apple has to patch iOS 10 loop hole and this is how, it became more harder to install GBA Emulator for iPhone.

However, couple of new beta releases such as iOS 10 doesn’t have such limitation and we can still enjoy GBA Emulator iOS 10 for iPhone. But, the most important thing is, iOS 10 is beta release yet. So, you need stable version in order to install GBA emulator on iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPhone.

But, there is still some hope to download and install GBA emulator on iPhone using couple of tricks and steps. Here on Cydia iOS 10 blog, I’d try to show you couple of those ways to download GBA4iOS, Emu4iOS 10 and NDS4iOS 10 using simple tricks.

These GBA emulator works seamlessly on iPhone without any issue running iOS 10. You just need working internet connectivity or WiFi connection in order to download GBA emulator and install on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Most importantly, this trick doesn’t require any jailbreak or Cydia iOS 10, in order to install or download GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS iOS 10 and Emu4iOS 10.