Nintendo 64, NDS4iOS and Nintendo DS Game iPhone emulator download without jailbreak…

Without jailbreak you can download N64, NDS4iOS and Nintendo DS game emulator on iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Mini, iPad Pro and iPod Touch. You’re about to download Nintendo DS ROMS aka NDS4iOS Roms for iPhone and iPad and play the games like it was never ever before.

Don’t worry, your iPhone and iPad running on iOS 10 or any older firmware can install NDS4iOS without jailbreak. Till iOS 7, it was necessary to jailbreak in order to download NDS4iOS and install Nintendo DS Roms to play Nintendo DS Games on your iPhone or iPad. So, now you can forget about Cydia N64 codename.

Look, if you’ve jailbroken iPhone or iPad, it’s best. You can download N64 Roms and games without any issue, but suppose you don’t have firmware that can be jailbroken in case of iOS 10, you’re still able to download NDS4iOS Roms, games and a lot more without jailbreak iOS 10 or any older firmware.

The developers of NDS4iOS iOS 10 found that the new firmware are allowing iPhone, iPad to install and run NDS4iOS even without jailbreak. This was so excited and could be happened since iOS 8.4 when the first beta was released.

Follow some very simple step and follow on screen requirements…

  • Plug your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch to WiFi or Internet connection.
  • Now, open your favorite browser. In my case I’ve used Safari browser.
  • Type
  • Once page is completely loaded, scroll down till you found iOSEmus app, tap on iOSEmus to install it.
  • Tap on Install button on each and every screen until you successfully installed NDS4iOS iPhone game emulator.
  • Now, when you’ve installed NDS4iOS, you should download NDS Roms.
  • Open Safari browser and head to By following this step, you’d download Doperoms NDS4iOS roms.
  • Now, use search button to download Roms for your favorite games.
  • Now reboot your device and you’re ready to play Nintendo DS Games for free without jailbreak.

Nintendo DS iPhone emulator works like charm on iOS 10 and older firmware so if you can’t install NDS4iOS iPhone emulator, leave a single comment to get detailed solution.