BDaySpotify iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak app is new, but really a useful Cydia tweak for those users who use Spotify and wanna get premium features.

I’ve noticed many great Cydia apps such as Activator, Winterboard and other Cydia apps, but there are really limited Cydia apps dedicated to SpotiuM. It brings couple of useful features which are available only on Premium account on Spotify iPhone app.

Spotify iPhone app offers premium features such as Unlimited skips, user can play songs without shuffle, the premium users also have the power to restart any song they want. The premium features such as play backwards or forwards songs. All these features are completely free for Mac OS X and Windows PC while on iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini or even Android devices, these Spotify features are premium and users have to subscribe premium membership to avail these features.

Using BDaySpotify tweak, you can avail all these Spotify features for free on your iPhone or iPad. This can be done using jailbreak. You must have to jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 in order to install BDaySpotify. Or have to enjoy Spotify OS X version only on Mac.

There’re many great apps for streaming such as MovieBox, PopCorn Time and Netflix, but all of these are dedicated to movie or TV shows streaming, Spotify iPhone app offers online music such as Apple Beat Music service.

Unlike Windows and Mac Spotify app, iPhone or iPad doesn’t get Unlimited skips, it means the users on iPhone without premium subscription won’t able to skip songs unlimited times. The users without premium account can’t restart or replay songs. The shuffle features is also not supported on iPhone or iPad without premium account.

Spotify iPhone applications is really great online music service and you should pay for it if you really like that. But, suppose, you wanna try those premium features before paying the premium charges, then you can try BDaySpotify Cydia tweak for that.

BDaySpotify is jailbreak app that requires Cydia to install couple of files to access Spotify premium features, so, the interested users should have jailbroken iPhone or iPad. And, they must have updated Cydia installer.

Okay, how would you install BDaySpotify? You need to add Cydia repo to the directory because BDaySpotify is not available on any default repo source. So, add or BiteYourApple repo source. Another repo source work well is,

Look, I think, you know how to add repo source to Cydia with the easy buttons. So, hands on BDaySpotify on your iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPhone from HackYouriPhone or BiteYourApple sources and enjoy. Don’t forget to pay for premium features if you like the Spotify features.

And, also mention via comment that which thing the most useful in Spotify and BDaySpotify and why you like it?