Download AppiShare without Jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

You may have heard about AppShare which is Cydia tweak and allows user to download cracked apps on jailbroken device. But, there are countless users exist on the web who has iPhone or iPad and wanna try similar apps without jailbreak and AppiShare is one of those.

AppiShare looks great in terms of it works with no jailbreak or Cydia. You just need to download and install on your device home screen and that’s enough to enjoy AppiShare iOS 11.1.2.

To compare features and productivity, we hands on AppiShare, HipStore, Kuaiyong, vShare and 25PP which are similar apps and can be installed without jailbreak. Kuaiyong, 25PP are Chinese whereas AppAddict, HipStore and vShare are English apps.

I found that AppiShare is something different and great alternative to AppCake, InstallOus and PandaApps which are truly Cydia apps.

So it’s clear that you won’t need to jailbreak your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch to install AppiShare. Suppose, you’ve tried on your jailbroken iPhone and AppiShare not working, follow below steps once again to make sure, you’ve done everything perfectly.

Go 1: The developers have created a separate and dedicated website for AppiShare, you need to access that website to install the app. You can choose Safari browser to access that website, go to

Go 2: There won’t be any Install button to download or install this app, you need to tap on Share button located at the bottom of the page. And, tap on “Add to HomeScreen” option.

Go 3: The AppiShare would be added (Installed) on your iOS 11.1.2 firmware. It’s far better to add any iPhone app to Home Screen directly comparing to install or download iPhone apps.

Go 4: Now, go to various sections where you can easily found various apps such as MovieBox, PlayBox, Advance game emulator dedicated to your iPhone or iPad and countless other apps.

Go 5: To install those apps on your device properly, search your favorite apps and download them, once the download process would be completed by AppiShare, it would ask you to install, that’s it.


There are other alternatives available which are far better than AppiShare, but I like it because I don’t need to bother about jailbreak or Cydia and it works without installing it manually on my hard disk.

I recommends comments if you’ve any problem or issue…