Download Play Box App HD version for iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android Device

Do you’ve used PlayBox iPhone app or the app in Android OS? Its amazing. I’ve tried several ways installing it on my iPhone and got success. I downloaded the Play box HD version and installed successfully. Today, I would repeat the process of installing the iPhone app without jailbreak. You can try it on any iOS version without jailbreak absolutely free of charge.

During the whole process, we’d see various methods to get PlayBox iPhone app on iOS without jailbreak. While the first process would show you easiest way to download Play Box app without jailbreak. Whereas, if you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, it’s no problem because we can still download Play box iOS version using Cydia installer. So, why are you waiting for download PlayBox for free? You’d be able to install Play-Box app on iPad Mini, iPad Air, old version iPads, iPod Touch and of course iPhone.

Why You Should Go for PlayBox App?

There are other alternatives specially MovieBox and ShowBox to this app, but I prefer PlayBox comparing to other alternative apps. The main reason is availability. You can download and install PlayBox on wide range of iDevices such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and the same time you can enjoy Play Box on Android devices too. It’s the best iPhone app to play cartoons, free Movies and of course TV programs online. PlayBox HD version is able to play HD version movies and you can choose wide range of free HD movies, Isn’t it cool?

Unfortunately for some reasons, Apple hasn’t approved PlayBox and doesn’t support it using AppStore, however there’re certain ways to download and install Play Box HD version for free on iPhone and iPad. The second most useful feature is, it supports Apple TV and Google ChromeCast. So, simply you can watch live TV serials and movies from iPhone to TV.

I would suggest move to second method if you’ve jailbroken your iPhone or any other iDevice such as iPad and if you still on latest iOS firmware, then keep on reading rest of the article to download PlayBox and install on your iDevice.

Play Box no Jailbreak – Download and Install

I’ve tried the same method on iOS 10.2 and recently on iOS 10.2 beta and it works just absolutely fine. So, you can also download Play Box and Install on iPhone without jailbreak. Let’s see.

Go 1: If you’ve latest version of iOS firmware, it’d have Safari web browser. You just need to open it.

Go 2: Type and tap on Go.

Go 3: The page would be load and you need to scroll download to direct download option and tap on it.

Go 4: The system would alert you and ask you to install PlayBox HD app via Pop up.

Go 5: Just tap on Install and continue.

That’s it.

The website would allow you to download Play Box app and once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, you’re able to watch free HD movies and TV serials on the Go.

How to Install Play-Box on Jailbreak iPhone

I hope, you’ve downloaded and installed PlayBox HD iPhone app and enjoying live TV or Free HD Movies, but if you haven’t done till yet because you’ve jailbroken device, then don’t worry, keep reading below part to download Play-Box on your jailbroken iPhone.

Look, for jailbroken device, you’ve two options. Let’s see 1st one first…

Process 1: You can download vShare and install it. Using vShare app, you can install many great apps as PlayBox, MovieBox, NDS4iOS, GBA4iOS and many other apps. To download it, open Safari browser and type The website would ask you to install the app, you need to install download and install button. Once you’ve downloaded the vShare app, you need to open it and tap on search feature and type PlayBox in search box. Once you found, tap on install Play Box app.

How to Download vShare and Install MovieBox or PlayBox

That’s it.

Process 2: If you’ve installed Cydia installer, you can go for adding repo source. To do so, tap on Sources, then Edit, then Add. And type Add this repo anyway and once you’ve added it. Search the PlayBox Cydia app on that repo source. Tap on Install and reboot your iPhone.


If you’ve decided to try PlayBox Alternatives, try BigU or MovieBox. These are the top alternatives to Play Box HD version. BigU is Chinese app which is quite popular among jailbreak users as an alternative to MovieBox, PlayBox and ShowBox.

Or you can try PopCorn Time. Yeah, it is also a great great alternative to PlayBox Cydia tweak. BigU, MovieBox and Popcorn Time are compatible for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad Mini and iPad Air.

These apps can be installed on iOS 8.1, iOS 10.2 and all newer firmwares. Suppose, you’re getting error or stuck anywhere between the process, leave a single comment and we’re here to help you installing all these apps.