Download MovieBox for iPhone right now!

MovieBox iOS 10 iPhone app is available for download even without jailbreak. So, you’ve the most important app to use without need to wait for jailbreak release. Movie Box app is 100% free entertainment application for Android device, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone and iPod Touch.

iOS and Android are the two most famous and popular platform available for Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch devices. Movie Box app is capable to be installed on these platform and wide range of devices without jailbreak and root of Android and iOS devices.

Wide range of Android devices are also using Movie Box application on their Samsung, HTC, Motorola and other devices that run on Android platform. At the same time, MovieBox is available to download and install on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air and iPad Mini without jailbreak them using vShare trick.

MovieBox Alternatives: You can consider ShowBox, PlayBox and Popcorn Time as alternatives to Movie Box iPhone app. Show Box, Popcorn Time and Play Box are couple of those apps which are extremely popular for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and even for Android devices as well. I would recommend to look those alternatives too.

Movie Box Compatibility: If you wanna go for Movie Box, there are many choices available as platform of device. MovieBox is available for Mac OS X, Windows PC and of course for Linux and Chromebook too. Here, I’d show you to install Movie Box for Windows PC, at the same time for Movie-Box for Mac, iPhone MovieBox app and Movie Box for iPad Air and iPad Mini. The same update can be installed on iPod Touch too. Download complete list of compatible devices to install MovieBox app.

Movie Box iPhone App Features:

If there’re other alternatives available then why you wanna go anywhere else? The simple reason is simplicity with couple of great features. Take a look at some of the best features…

Do you’ve used Windows Media Player? It may be possible that Windows Media Player doesn’t support any format that MovieBox app support. Simply, Movie Box App supports large number of formats and can play all type of music, videos and flash animations. For Android, users have to install separate apk to install Showbox, while its not required for MovieBox app. It works on Android, iOS and on PC seamlessly.  You can install Movie Box app on iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 10 and as well as iOS 10 without jailbreak. What else you want.

Download Movie Box App Compatible For Windows and Mac OS X

Since starting, I’m talking about compatibility of the app. Here we’d go for Mac compatible for Movie Box App. The first thing first. We’d check how to download MovieBox on Mac and then we’d come to iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Okay then, start following the method that I’m going to show you.

Download MovieBox app For Mac

I would disclose that MovieBox is not made by any giant developers like WhatsAPP, Facebook or Tumblr, so you won’t find the app on any App Store such as Apple app store, Google Play Store or any Mac application store.

Update: Unfortunately, unofficially updated Movie Box for PC app compatible for Mac and Windows got shut down and there is no more way to download MovieBox PC app for Windows or Mac. But, Yeah, you can still download alternatives to Mac and Windows without any issue.

Popcorn Time, PlayBox and ShowBox for Mac is available on PC section. You can go for it as there is not way to download Movie Box now.

Download Movie Box for iPad and iPhone

There are many great and popular apps failed to get listed on Apple app store and Google Play Store for some reasons. MovieBox is one of them. It’s developed by untrusted developers. If you’re willing to download Movie Box for iPhone or iPad, then there are some tricky ways to apply.

It’s hard to mention all those tricky parts in one small article, so we’ve exposed the detail trick in separate article. Link is given in this post.

Don’t worry, you’d able to download and install Movie Box app without jailbreak. It’s compatible for iOS 10, iOS 10 and all older firmware whether it’s jailbroken or not.

Moviebox for Windows Phone and Windows PC

The same thing happen to Windows Movie Box app that was happened to Mac OS X. The app is dead and hasn’t updated for a long. We’d suggest you to look for Show Box for Windows Phone and Windows PC. Yeah, there is a choice, you can go for Popcorn Time too, if you don’t like ShowBox for Windows.

From Editor’s Desk

Many platforms have been covered in this article to download Movie Box app. I’m sure, you got what you wanted after reading this tutorial and successfully downloaded MovieBox app for iPhone, iPad and or other platforms such as Windows, Mac or Android.

Suppose, I’m missing anything or you got the wrong message, let us know via comments. The comment section is always opened. Your one positive comment would motivate us for more hard work to get more working ways to show how to install MovieBox without jailbreak on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and for other platforms.