Download vShare for iPhone, iPad and Mac or Windows PC.

vShare can be installed without jailbreak. Now, install MovieBox, ShowBox, GBA4iOS and other top class jailbreak apps using vShare even without jailbreak iOS 10.

Couple of years back, when HackulOus spotted that they’re gonna shut down their services and popular products such as InstallOus, AppulOus and their repo source “”, we lost the best jailbreak app store.

But thanks to AppVV repository that developed vShare, a jailbreak app store which is famous with vShared, AppVV and vShare iOS 10. vShare offers couple of great jailbreak apps installation even without jailbreak.

At the same time iPhoneCake was also born with iPAStore, AppCake and other popular jailbreak apps which is also very useful, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work without jailbreak. Its must have for jailbroken device only. So, if you’ve iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch which is jailbroken, you can use iPhoneCake and AppCake as an alternative to vShare.

Later on, the developer AppVV introduced many new and improved vShare features which allow users to download and install many useful iPhone apps for free and so vShare became one of the popular jailbreak app store for iPad and iPhone users. vShare took the place and honor of InstallOus. Any user was able to install vShare by visiting their home website which was developed by AppVV and the app itself allowed users to download apps completely free.

vShared Market not working – iOS 9.3 vShare Download [Appvv Official Repo Source]

Installing vShare is quite easy if you follow the right steps mentioned below.

To install cracked apps, you need to follow below steps to install vShare:

Go 1: Look, to install cracked apps vShare requires jailbreak device. First of all, download TaiG untethered tool and jailbreak your iPhone or any iOS device. If there are other jailbreak tools available for you to jailbreak, you can use them too. So, jailbreak and install Cydia. TaiG is available with Cydia installer, so, we recommend users to download and install TaiG to jailbreak. Mac users can use PP jailbreak tool. Now, when you’ve Cydia, you’re ready to download and install vShare app.

AppVV Updates vShare iOS 9.3.2 to Download Free Apps without Jailbreak

Go 2: Without wasting single minute, open Cydia installer and add AppVV repo source. You need to manage Cydia repositories to add vShare repo source. Launch Cydia app and tap on Sources, here you need to add and complete the process of installing vShare repo source.

Note: You might get warning message which is just formality, so, confirm the step and proceed to search and installing vShare app store from AppVV repo. Once you’ve installed AppVV repo, return to Cydia by tapping on Return button.

vShared Market not working – iOS 9.3 vShare Download [Appvv Official Repo Source]

Go 3: Tap on Sources and tap on AppVV repo source. There, you’d found vShare app. Most probably, it would be latest version, but if its not, follow second method. So, when you see vShare app on AppVV repo, just tap on it and tap on install button from right upper corner.

Confirm the installation and download vShare and complete the installation. Don’t forget to reboot your iPhone or iPad after installing vShare. You’re just one step away from installing your favorite jailbreak apps.

Go 4: vShare won’t work until you install AppSync Unified app. AppSync is the app that help vShare to install cracked apps without signing them. In short, you must install AppSync in order to use vShare on jailbroken device. Don’t worry, AppSync and vShare both are completely free and easily available on Cydia. Reboot when you install both the apps on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Install vShare iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

Surprised? Don’t be. vShare can be installed without jailbreak too. And, that version doesn’t requires AppSync which is jailbreak app. But, the limitation is, without jailbreak vShare will not able to install all jailbreak apps. You’d be allowed to install all the free apps available on vShare app store.

Go 1: First of all, open Safari web browser on iOS 10 and open or website. The website would detect your device and advice you to install vShare non jailbreak version.

Go 2: Without seeing anything, just tap on install button that would download vShare app and install it on your iOS 10 powered device. After installation, you don’t need to reboot your iPhone. vShare would be ready to power your iOS 10 iPhone directly without reboot anymore.

Go 3: Tap home button and scroll springboard and open vShare. There would be pre-listed apps that can be installed free of cost. If you wanna install any particular application from vShare, you can search vShare for that app.

Couple of famous apps that can be installed on your iOS 10 iPad or iPhone without jailbreak using vShare are mentioned below..

  • GBA4iOS Game Emulator
  • EMU4iOS Game Emulator
  • MovieBox iOS 10
  • ShowBox iOS 10
  • PlayBox iOS 10

If you wanna get complete list of games and apps that supported by vShare without jailbreak, then comment below and ask for the list.