How to Enable Night Shift Mode and Low Power Mode Together on iPhone, iPad Running iOS 10

Enable Low Power Mode and Night Shift Mode together on iPad, iPhone on iOS 10…

If you’re Android user, you may have noticed Ultra power saver mode which saves battery life and give you extra hour to use your Android device. IOS 10 low power mode and night shift mode are two different power saving modes which give your iPhone an extra battery backup time.

These two modes can be tricked and activate together that saves a great battery life specially when you’re not using your iPhone and it’s on stand by or something else.

According to research, low power mode can extend couple of hours to one or two days of battery life at stand by or in use. Same as, Night Shift mode is great to save battery life at night. Additionally, it gives protection to your eyes.

However, it’s not necessary to use Night Shift mode at night only. If you’ve iOS 10, you can enable night shift mode at any time you want. That actually deemed down your screen brightness.

And suppose, you use Night Shift mode and Low Power saver mode together, it can be great option to save a lot of battery life even in usage time. So, it’s recommended to use both of these power saving tricks together if possible.

It’s really very easy to enable Night Shift Mode and Low power saver mode together, you just need to comment if you’re facing any difficulty activating these power saving modes.

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