SemiRestore available for Download to iOS 10 and previous jailbreak iOS 9.0.2…

Apple released many new firmware updates one by one for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. During this updates, Apple introduced new features and made their IOS more powerful and stable and patched exploits used by iOS 10 and iOS 9.0.2.

Thus, the users having iPhone or iPad running on iOS 10 or iOS 10 jailbreak were afraid to loss their jailbreak specially they need to restore iOS 10 and previous jailbroken firmware.

Fortunately, there is a tool that restores jailbreak firmware to the same firmware version without losing jailbreak, isn’t it cool? Yeah, I’m also pleased to download and restore iOS 10 to fresh up my iPhone and to fix couple of bugs.

So now, SemiRestore download tool is capable to handle all the firmware from iOS 5 to iOS 9.1. I would love to mention that SemiRestore won’t downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 10 or any version from new to old, but it’s designed to restore the firmware to the same firmware without losing jailbreak.

At the time of posting this news, the developers of Semi-Restore have release SemiRestore Mac version which is also available for download and it’s ready for use on iPhone or iPad Pro.

If you’ve lost your jailbreak during restore process for your iPhone in the past, this time you’ve SemiRestore to restore your firmware without any harm to your jailbreak and it’s highly safe to restore any supported firmware.

Cydia Impactor, Alternative to SemiRestore

Many users have asked me difference between Cydia Impactor and Semi-Restore. I just want to tell the simple difference that Cydia Impactor format your device and removes all the stored data including your jailbreak and restore to the same firmware which your iPhone has installed.

While SemiRestore does the same job but it won’t remove your jailbreak and Cydia installer at all. This is how, you won’t loss jailbreak while restoring your iPhone to the firmware to fix any bug or glitch.

Once again, I’d add here that SemiRestore won’t downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 10 or previous firmware at any way. It’s not downgrade tool but it restore firmware without deleting your jailbreak.


There are certain requirements and needed conditions to use SemiRestore. You need iOS iOS 10 to iOS 5. Any firmware between this range would be supported to restore using SemiRestore.

SemiRestore Mac or Windows version can be installed on your PC, and SemiRestore iPhone app is not available so you must use your PC if you want to restore your iPhone without remove jailbreak at all.

Once you’ve download SemiRestore iOS 10 or any older firmware tool, you can install it on your Mac or Windows and it’s easy to restore your iPhone.

Once again, I would say that Cydia Impactor can be used if you’re not familiar with SemiRestore or if you don’t have Windows PC or Mac tablet or iMac.

Before approaching to restore using SemiRestore, you should backup your data using iTunes or any tool that you want. It’s highly recommend because all the data except jailbreak would be removed during restore process on your iPhone.

We hope you understand risk and technique to use SemiRestore. Our comment section is open if you’ve any issues or trouble using SemiRestore IOS tool.

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