How to Download Cydia Without Jailbreak

Jailbreaking is nothing without Cydia and Cydia doesn’t work without jailbreak. This is how, both the parts works together. There isn’t real solution to get Cydia without jailbreak.

Yeah, you can jailbreak your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or Apple Watch and you may avoid Cydia installer installation, its completely common situations. But, that jailbreak won’t help you without Cydia installer.

Without Cydia, your jailbroken iPhone or any iDevice won’t allow your device to install jailbreak hacks, tweaks or cracked apps which depend on Cydia installer.

The most users, who love tweaks, cracked apps or jailbreak hacks, jailbreak their device in the first place. They don’t forget to select an option that install Cydia deb file into your device during jailbreaking.

In other hand, many users opt in something different option to install Cydia without jailbreak. In a reality, its not possible to download Cydia and install it without jailbreak, but there is an web application that works just like Cydia. But again, it doesn’t allow user to install tweak, cracked apps or hacks. It would be just a toy to play with and attract attention of your friend to show Cydia icon on your iPhone without jailbreak.

What’s that?

Its OpenAppMkt Cydia Installer.

Nowadays, there’re bunch of websites that host OpenAppMkt installer, an alternative to Cydia, on their website stating that it works without jailbreak. Yeah, it would work without jailbreak, but won’t install Cydia hacks, Cydia tweaks or any other jailbreak apps.

Simply, avoid such nonsense OpenAppMkt apps, and focus on TaiG jailbreak that would jailbreak your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad Mini or iPad Air and install Cydia after jailbreaking.

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