Auxo Legacy Edition Adds App Switcher to the iPhone Control Center

Many users were waiting for such app that bring ultimate features for control center. In one tweak, users wanna get many things and Auxo is the perfect example for that. Auxo Legacy Edition is released on Cydia AppStore which costs user around $1.99, but it worth. If you’ve older version of Auxo Cydia tweak, you need to pay only $0.99 for upgrade.

I was fan of older Auxo iPhone tweak and tried this new version also. The new version of old Auxo really makes me cool with features. It’s truly amazing Cydia tweak. Accessing Auxo Legacy Edition, you just need to access control center. Just swipe up and the Auxo LE would be appear.

There’re many options to choose from. You can choose your favorite layout and option page. You can access original control center also with Auxo Legacy Edition as a part of Auxo LE. Just swipe up and swipe left to access all the control center features.

Once you installed Auxo LE, a brand new setting pane would be added to Setting app. You can configure all things from Settings. Auxo Legacy Edition setting is divided into three parts – App Switcher, Advance Options and Auxiliary options.

App Switcher

Auxo Legacy Edition app switcher allows user to close any app or all running apps at once by swipe up. You can access and work on particular apps by full swipe up from home button.

If you install Auxo Cydia tweak, you’ll get fully featured app switcher which can be access directly from Control center. You don’t need to install separate Stratos or CCMore Cydia tweaks to fulfill that requirements.

Auxiliary Pages

We use control center for many things and not only for controlling apps using app switcher, therefore Auxo Legacy Edition comes with several auxiliary pages that can be accessed by swipe left or right.

Just configure options from setting app and then swipe up to access Auxo auxiliary pages. You can set default control center page which can be app switcher or option page for WiFi, Bluetooth and Airplane mode. There is separate auxiliary page to control or manage music controls using Auxo tweak.

Quick Review of Auxo Cydia Tweak

So, finally, Auxo 4 or you can say Auxo Legacy Edition is available for iOS 8.4 devices and soon would be release for iOS 10.2 jailbreak with completely new design and features. I think, the developer would add 3D Touch feature to Auxo 5 or Auxo Legacy Edition iOS 10.2 Cydia tweak.

For now, it’s available for iOS 8.4 device owner for $1.99 for new customers and upgrade is available at $0.99. Again, BigBoss repo has done a great job to host this tweak. The large number of users accessing BigBoss source and repo address.

If you’re stuck in settings or any where else, just leave a single line of comment using Guest form.