AppCake is one of the best alternative to Install0us and vShare at the moment. You can download and install AppCake once you’ve jailbroken your iPhone or iPad.

At early days,  InstallOus was only the source that was delivering some great free App Store apps for jailbreak users. The Install0us community was held by HackulOus repo source which was shut down later on.

If you’re looking to download free apps and install on jailbroken device, then only one name would come first and it would be AppCake. The reason is, iPhoneCake offers huge database of cracked and free paid apps.

If you’ve expert user, we’d suggest you to install AppCake and iPhoneCake repo to download jailbreak apps for free from app store. It gets frequent updates and along with the update, it supports majority of new and old app store apps too.

Now, you would like to know that how can we download AppCake using Cydia installer and install paid apps without paying anything. The simple and easy tutorial would show you whole process easy way.

How to Install AppCake iOS 10.2

Go 1: The first and very first thing which is must to download AppCake is “Jailbreak”. You need to choose one of the jailbreak team which is available to offer untethered jailbreak for you. Currently, TaiG released iOS 8.1.1, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.2 and recently they released jailbreak for iOS 10.2 and iOS 8.3. So, the first and best choice for me is “TaiG” jailbreak. They’re reliable and offers stable jailbreak tool for Windows. But, if you’re on Mac PC, you need to download and install PP Jailbreak for iOS 10.2 or respectively firmware tool.

We recommend TaiG jailbreak, because you don’t need to care about Cydia to download AppCake app store. TaiG bundles Cydia installer that is required to add iPhoneCake and install AppCake for free and easiest way without looking to iPA files.

Go 2: The second step is little tricky. Here, you need to add repo source. The correct AppCake repo is required to successfully download original app store. The simple thing is, find out Cydia and go for it. Once Cydia app opened, look for “Sources” tab. Tap on Sources and tap on Edit then Add. Type and confirm adding AppCake repo source to your Cydia installer.

Note: iPhoneCake repo is the busiest repository of jailbreak store, so it might possible that you get error message while adding iPhoneCake source to Cydia. We recommend to continue adding until you get successful message.

Go 3: Once you successfully included AppCake repository to Cydia. This is the time when you should look AppCake app for iPhone or iPad into iPhoneCake repository. To do this, open Cydia and tap on iPhoneCake repository. There would be couple of apps listed. You need to tap on AppCake and install it.

Here, you may notice various different AppCake versions such as AppCake+, AppCake HD and AppCake iOS 10.2. You need to read description to choose the right app for you. Mostly, AppCake+ is for iPhone and HD version is stated for iPad Mini and iPad Air. iOS 10.2 version works on both devices. But, confirm before installing the app.

Go 4: Such as vShare and other popular jailbreak app stores, AppCake also requires “AppSync” Unified version. AppSync Unified 5.5 is the most current and updated Cydia plugin for iOS 10.2. Download and install it from given link.

Warning: Without above specified AppCake plugin, you won’t use this app store at any way. So, if you’ve tried AppCake before which is not working. It means you’re missing AppSync app. Just download and install AppSync first.

Now what? Reboot your iPhone or iPad which has both of these apps installed and ready to download all the paid apps for free.

Smart Tip

iPhoneCake offers iPAStore, AppTrackr and AppCake. In which, AppCake is most popular among jailbreak users. If you wanna go for more smart way to download paid apps and install them for free, then you should try vShare, AppAddict or Kuaiyong which are great alternatives for AppCake.

One last note: iPhoneCake repository address is very important, if you’d make mistake in adding that repository address into Cydia, AppCake won’t download on your iPhone from Cydia.

Read the article twice for double check and then try this method to install AppCake iPhone app. If you’re getting any error, let us know via comments.