Ohh! Finally, PreferenceLoader tweak is updated for iOS 10 jailbreak. This would fix many Cydia tweaks which were not working properly without PreferenceLoader.

iOS 10 jailbreak was absolutely perfect and Saurik was also fully prepared for the jailbreak release with updated version of Cydia iOS 10. However, many iOS 10 jailbreak users have reported the need of PreferenceLoader iOS 10.

Without PreferenceLoader jailbreak tweak, many Cydia apps were not working. The older version of PreferenceLoader not working and it was not compatible for iOS 10 and needs update.

PreferenceLoader Cydia tweaks bring settings for each and every installed Cydia tweak. Think about that how would you customize Activator or enable iFile iPhone file manager without settings app. And, there are a lot of things that are not working just because Preference Loader Cydia tweak.

But at last, the compatible version of PreferenceLoader is updated now for iOS 10 and it’s working just like normal. Now, users can easily customize any Cydia tweaks from Settings app.

If you check iOS 10 Compatible Cydia Tweaks, then you would know that how badly Cydia apps were looking an update for PreferenceLoader.

If you’ve installed any tweak that’s still not working properly, I’d recommend you to check out all compatible apps for iOS 10 jailbreak and note down all Cydia tweaks.

You can report any tweak that’s not working even after installing PreferenceLoader.