I’m with 50 rocking Cydia apps and jailbreak tweaks that completely compatible for your iPhone, iPad Mini and iPad Air and iPod Touch all that running on iOS 10.2 or newer firmware after jailbreaking the firmware.

According to the top level jailbreak firm, the so called iOS 10.2 jailbreak is about to release. So why not we prepare ourselves from now? To preparing your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to be ready to install couple of best Cydia tweaks on your iPhone, you should note down these tweaks on your reminder or to do list.

Once iPhone is jailbroken, you’d be first one to install these jailbreak tweaks for sure because you won’t found these Cydia apps without any hard work from anywhere else. Within a few days, many jailbreak users would download top jailbreak applications before you so better to try first to be first.

Here are couple of top notch Cydia apps given with the live demo which is uploaded and demonstrated by a popular YouTube user. I’m gonna list those Cydia tweaks with your best wishes.

To make it easy, watch above YouTube video uploaded by “iCrackUriDevice” who is one of the top jailbreak user and I would recommend to follow him on YouTube to get most updated news about jailbreaking and Cydia apps. I would also thank to iCrackUriDevice to upload such a detailed and nice video demonstrating some of the best Cydia tweaks for us.

Below is complete list in text format to note down for later use…

  1. F.lux: Flux is the Best Cydia app to adjust brightness and light of your iPhone at night and day time differently.
  2. BetterNC7: Oh MG! This jailbreak iPhone app brings ultimate set of control options for notification center. One of the best Notification Center Cydia tweak for sure for iPhone.
  3. Cylinder: Do you like Barrel? Cylinder brings such features with completely new design. I won’t claim that Cylinder is better than Barrel, but if you don’t like to use Barrel Cydia tweak, Cylinder is available for you.
  4. CyDelete8: You might know this tweak very well, it brings option to delete multiple Cydia tweaks at once. It means now you can remove Cydia tweak without any issue with this Cydia tweak.
  5. DarkFolders7: It dark up folders when you don’t use it.
  6. AlwaysClear
  7. Iconsash: Once you’ve downloaded and install this jailbreak app on your iPhone and enabled, your icons would be sash up, you can easily notice your icons with sash.
  8. Disable Parallax Effect: This Cydia tweak really extends your battery life. Yeah, it boost iOS 10.2 battery life for sure if you’ve installed this tweak.
  9. GlowBadge
  10. iCleaner
  11. Terminal
  12. RePower
  13. Icon Renamer
  14. ReachWeather
  15. PullToRespring
  16. RippleBoard
  17. LockGlyph
  18. Flurry
  19. YouTubed
  20. TinyBar
  21. SafariTabCount
  22. Zeppelin: Now, jailbreak users can change operator logo using Zeppelin Cydia tweak. Zeppelin is one of the best Cydia tweaks at all time.
  23. BytaFont2: BytaFont is the Cydia tweak that brings numerous font to your iPhone to use from. Your iPhone would be completely customizable.
  24. SwipeSelection: Its Keyboard Cydia tweak that brings couple of useful options such as Copy, Paste and Select all while swipe up couple of text.
  25. Facebook ++
  26. betterFiveColumnHomescreen
  27. ClassicDock: This cool Cydia app brings iOS 6 style classic dock to your iOS 10.2 device.
  28. Alkaline: Cydia user can change the look and layout of the battery from status bar. One of the must have jailbreak app for iPhone.
  29. Cobalia: It brings most used toggles to the App Switcher, so that you can conveniently change the settings quickly.
  30. Crashreporter: This is the best of the best Cydia tweak for reporting the suspected area or application which is responsible for your springboard crash. It reports each time when your Springboard would be crash up.
  31. AutoRotateVideos: If you’ve installed this tweak, it would be automatically rotate your device when you’d be on YouTube page or playing any video on your iPad Air or iPhone.
  32. Almpoum: This Cydia tweak brings easy option to share things to your social media friends.
  33. NoSlowAnimations: If you’re victim of iOS 10.2 poor battery life, you should use this Cydia tweak to disable slow animation to speed up your iPhone.
  34. IneffectivePower
  35. Phantom
  36. SlideForUsage
  37. HUDTransparent8
  38. StatusBarTimer
  39. SnoozeHelper
  40. Pull To Dismiss
  41. Cornered: This tweak makes corner of any menu out there on your iPhone.
  42. Bloard: This tweak brings bloard keyboard when you need it.
  43. Prettier Banners
  44. SaveGram
  45. unBold
  46. ShowCase
  47. Tinder ++
  48. CircleIcons
  49. UnlimTones
  50. Cou: If you use FaceTime regularly on iOS 10.2, you’d need Cou Cydia tweak. It brings two additional buttons at the top to reject or accept the call.
  51. You can list up your tweak here from comments.