KillBackground iOS 10.2: The Best Alternative to Auxo and other multitasking tweak that allow quick solution to close any running app from iPhone, iPad App Switcher

If you’ve upgraded to iOS 10.2, you’ve noticed that Apple has improved multitasking app Switcher all the way. Apple has completely redesigned App Switcher that offers cool user interface. Personally, I love new multitasking app switcher.

However, there are many jailbreak users who don’t like default App Switcher and the feature that it offers. So, there are Auxo and other tweaks available that extend the features of default App Switcher.

Today, I’m gonna show you a free Cydia tweak which offers a quick way to remove running app or apps from App Switcher of your iPhone or iPad. KillBackground, Slide2Kill and Tage are a few of those tweaks that offers really useful features to boost your iPhone battery and performance.

Suppose, you’re running multiple apps at once, it may be possible that you forget to close all the apps and thus your iPhone would be slower than normal. The best practice is closing the apps after use, however KillBackground tweak does what you’ve forget to do.

If you look Cydia AppStore, RemoveBG, Slide2Kill and Auxo are good options and alternative to KillBackground, however, if you wanna button at App Switcher to tap and close all running apps, then you can give a try to KillBackground9 Cydia tweak.

So, to download KillBackground, you need to search BigBoss, a popular Cydia repository source. Don’t worry, unlike Auxo, KillBackground iOS tweak is completely free. Just type the name of the tweak on search box and tap search.

Once KillBackground Cydia tweak installed on your iPhone, you can decide where you wanna put the tweak button on App Switcher. There is two position, left and right. You can also configure the visibility that you wanna show the button all the time or only on App Switcher.

You can include or exclude Music app from the task of closing apps while hitting close button. If you exclude music app, it won’t close when you tap the button to kill all the running apps. So, KillBackground iOS 10.2 is really useful tweak to give a shot on. You can try Slide2Kill which is also free available on the same repo source.

If you’ve any thing to ask, I’d feel lucky to give your proper solution.