Download Kodi and update to latest version for iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPhone.

Kodi is a popular app that can be installed on Android, iOS and Windows platform. Mac OS X users are also installing Kodi for Mac OS X. While it’s famous for Android TV and as well as Apple TV.

Yeah, Apple TV 4 is too lucky that it gets updated version of Kodi. The latest version released today for Apple TV 4. It was announced by Kodi developers today on their official forum.

This version is also called Alpha version of Kodi for Apple TV 4, so it may be possible that some features may not work. However, Kodi is working without an issue on new tvOS.

We’re testing each and every feature with Kodi running on Apple TV 4 and would publish the full tutorial about how to use Kodi Apple TV 4 app.

Kodi can be installed easily on Apple TV 4 without jailbreak Apple TV 4. So, just download as other application and install right away to test the new features on your tvOS.

Download Kodi for iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak iOS 9.3

Yeah, Android users can also download Kodi Android compatible version and install on their Android Phone or Android TV. If you’ve any issue on installing Kodi, just leave a comment below.

Have fun with the new alpha version…