How to Download Cydia and Install Installer Without Jailbreak iOS 10

How to Download Cydia and Install Installer Without Jailbreak

Cydia installer is out and available for download for iOS 10 – iOS 10. Users can upgrade to the newest version without jailbreak again…

The final update which can be rolled out for iOS 10 jailbreak too, was arrived today. Cydia has been updated by Saurik earlier today. Today, when we open Cydia to test a jailbreak tweak called Genie, a upgrade pop up came out. I quickly press upgrade link. Cydia was upgraded to the latest update with a lot of bug fixed and UI changes.

I’m really happy with this update. Cydia became more speedy. We have tested couple of features on this new installer…

  • All the annoying ads can be removed
  • Activator Gestures are now working
  • No more stuck or reloading data
  • Sources and Packages pulled out from Manage section

Download Cydia and upgrade it to avail these features. To remove ads, download and install AdBlocker, a jailbreak tweak, from BigBoss repository and enable it. Close installer and relaunch Cydia to take effects.

To control Cydia using Activator gestures, download Activator and install it. Go to settings and select Activator. In activator, go and choose gestures to close or open Cydia quickly. Cydia download is available for all jailbroken iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

Note: You would have to download TaiG jailbreak tool in order to make iOS 10 untethered jailbreak on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.