Add iSpazio Cydia Source to install Free Apps

Do you’ve tried iPAStore, AppTracker or InstallOus jailbreak apps? Most of these apps have been hosted by HackulOus Cydia repo. Unfortunately, a long time ago, has been shut down. iSpazio repo is great alternative for it.

If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone or iPad and wanted to add couple of Cydia sources for paid games, themes, apps without paying anything, then iSpazio has large database of iPhone theme, games and apps at no cost.

I’ve seen great response and large user base forum which is one of the most active forums for jailbreak users. iSpazio runs a forum, iPhone app and few other small projects that offer stuff to the jailbreak users. is official website and a forum. iSpazio offers different kind of cool themes.

Users can download and install free SMS, lock screen and background themes for free. iSpazio repo is full of great themes created by volunteers. All of these themes, apps and tweaks can be downloaded and installed easily after adding iSpazio source.

The Steps to Add iSpazio repo Source

There are few requirements iSpazio needs in order to add this repo source. Take a look…

  1. Jailbreak: To add any repo source or tweaks, you need to jailbreak your device. Without jailbreaking, these repo sources can’t be installed. iSpazio is also a part of jailbreaking. You can use TaiG tool. TaiG is stable and works on all newer firmware.
  2. Cydia Installer: The app allows user to do many things, so the first thing after jailbreaking is download Cydia and install on your iPhone. TaiG may install Cydia without your personal intention. Use TaiG tool.

Now when you’ve jailbroken and installed Cydia installer, follow bellow steps to add your favorite ropo address…

Go 1: To add any repository address, you need to run Cydia app store after connecting your iPhone to WiFi or Internet.

Go 2: Now, without wasting time, find out Cydia and tap on Sources menu inside installer. There, tap on Edit>Add.

Go 3: The third most important step is adding iSpazio url. So, type

Go 4: Tap on Add and once you’ve successfully added this repo, return to Cydia.


I can’t tell you the name of popular games and themes hosted on iSpazio repo source. So, better to add this repo yourself and look your favorite apps or games inside it.

As alternatives, you can try AppAddict, xSellize, AppVV and iPhoneCake. If you get any error, remove any useless Cydia source and try to add this repo again.

If you’ve any issue, leave a comment with few works containing your issue regarding iSpazio.