Successfully fix GBA4iOS couldn’t be installed at this time error using the unique trick.

GBA game emulator is most popular and one of the largest used app that can be installed without jailbreak, but it brings couple of common installation error while installing on iPhone or iPad with no jailbreak.

If you’re downloading GBA4iOS or installing GBA game emulator on your iPad or iPhone and facing “GBA4iOS could not be installed at this time” then you should understand that it’s a common error which occures while installing this popular alternative of Emu4iOS and NDS4iOS.

iOS 10 is finally released by Apple and this is newest firmware released by the company. So, we decided to hands on GBA4iOS on iOS 10 exclusively and wanna fix all the issues and error like GBA4iOS not installing or not working etc.

Look, any app that’s rejected by Apple from including in App Store gets error while installing without jailbreak on any iPhone or iPad most of the time. It may be possible that the same thing happens with GBA game emulator too. Many users have reported GBA4iOS not working on iOS 10 without jailbreak on iPhone.

There are two most common errors, we got…

  1. GBA4iOS could not be Download at this time
  2. GBA4iOS could not be installed at this time

So, here is the fix that you can try on your iPhone running on iOS 10 without jailbreak. Suppose, you still get error, please report in comments.

Quick Fix

  1. Download Emu4iOS
  2. Use PGYer to Download
  3. Try NDS4iOS – Alternative to GBA Game Emulator

Before entering in troubleshooting, we’d like to mention that Apple has removed GBA4iOS Enterprise Certificate and that’s the main reason that’s why you get “GBA game emulator could not be installed at this time” error. We’ve tried to fix that issue.

The quick way to solve “GBA4iOS Could Not be Installed at this time” Issue without jailbreak iOS 10 on iPad or iPhone

The simple focus is to download popular iOS 10 GameBoy Advance Emulator without jailbreak on your iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPhone without any error.

  1. Here, first of all we’d connect our device to internet and open Safari Web Application.
  2. Now, Download Emu4iOS iPhone game emulator.
  3. Let Safari to download Emu4iOS completely and once you completed downloading, start installing GBA4iOS using installer.

You can easily download GBA4iOS and install on your iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad Mini. It supports iPhone with wide range or device support. Plus, iPod Touch is also good device to play GBA game emulator. So, use it and if you still get error, we’re here to fix.

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