iOS 10.2 jailbreak brings a lot of opportunity with Cydia tweaks, jailbreak apps and whole stuff related to iPhone. Everything work fine with new jailbreak because new jailbreak is stable enough with Cydia installer. However, Winterboard themes are not working. There is a catch and you can fix it.

Overnight, PanGu and Saurik both worked hard for the release of iOS 10.2 jailbreak and released stable Cydia iOS 10.2 with untethered jailbreak. But, there are couple things which not working properly.

Winterboard, Activator and PreferenceLoader Cydia tweaks were not working. However, now most of these apps have been fixed. Last night, PreferenceLoader has been updated with bug fixed that brings Cydia tweak’s settings pane to the Setting app and has fixed a lot of things.

Ryan is working on Activator iOS 10.2 that is expected to fix it soon. As far as Winterboard not working concern, it’s working with couple of tricks.

Look, Winterboard is only the jailbreak app that allows Cydia users to install Cydia themes on compatible devices such as iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone. In such situations when Saurik has to update Cydia overnight, it may be possible that Winterboard needs fresh update and thus Winterboard themes not working as normal.

The simple solution is wait couple of days for Saurik to update Winterboard Cydia tweak and download Winterboard from official Saurik’s website. If you can’t wait for the official update, you can go and try to fix Winterboard themes from your own side.

There are couple of things that you can do to fix Winterboard and install themes on iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone…

Go 1: You need to install Winterboard deb file, to install it, you need iPA Installer or iFile or any other Cydia tweaks that allow you to install iPA files to your iPhone. You can try iFunBox too to install Winterboard deb iPA file to your iPad.

Go 2: Look, suppose you’ve already installed older version and Winterboard not working, then you need iFile to uninstall Winterboard. You can directly uninstall Winterboard from Cydia too. Once you’ve removed Winterboard themes and app itself, go to Safari web browser and download Winterboard from official sources.

Go 3: Using iFile install Winterboard updated version which you’ve downloaded in above step. Once you’ve installed updated version of Winterboard themes, go to 4rth step.

Go 4: Now, you need to clear some cache files. Use iCleaner Cydia tweak which is available absolutely free. Just install iCleaner iOS 10.2 and clean the junk files.

Go 5: Reboot your iPhone, iPad or whatever device you’re using to install Winterboard themes.


Suppose, still you’ve issues with Winterboard themes, it may give you error, just comment that error to us…