NoSlowAnimations allows user to speed up their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

There are many new Cydia tweaks on jailbreak AppStore, NoSlowAnimations is one of them. The users who are suffering from poor battery issue installing NoSlowAnimations tweak.

I heard a lot about iOS 10.2 battery life issues that the battery drains too quickly. If it happens due to animations, you can take a step and install NoSlowAnimation Cydia tweak to fix the issue.

The tweak, NoSlowAnimations is available and updated for iOS 10.2 jailbreak and you can install on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The app itself supports wide range of iOS device after jailbreak.

NoSlowAnimations can speed up your iPhone by reducing slow speed animations and give a boost in navigation of your iPhone or iPad. The tweak is released recently and this is the second update version for iOS 10.2.

The users who have installed NoSlowAnimations on their iPhone or iPad have reported the boost in opening any app, closing running app or navigating through app switcher. Some users have reported double speed after installing NoSlowAnimations Cydia tweak.

What actually NoSlowAnimations does is, it reduces motion effects and tries to boost up your iPhone while navigating many things that use Motion effects. I personally installed and using NoSlowAnimations iOS 10.2 version on my iPhone after jailbreaking.

I must say that this is one must have Cydia tweak for your iPhone or iPad. Are you gonna install it? Do you have battery drain issue?