Eclipse 4, Cydia theme is available on jailbreak App Store now for iPhone and iPad…

I thought that iOS 10.2 night mode would be excellent, but it made me unhappy. Battery is draining fast and I can’t enjoy surfing net at evening or at late night.

Thanks to Eclipse Cydia tweak that is actually a theme that doesn’t require Winterboard to install in order to enjoy system wide full night theme on my iPhone. So, if Winterboard a theme installer doesn’t working on your device, don’t worry and try Eclipse 4 which is updated to iOS 10.2.

Eclipse 4 is updated by Guillermo Moran who is official developer of the tweak and he releases the tweak for iOS 10.2 as paid cydia app.

This was the fourth edition of the tweak which is named Eclipse 4 rather than older third edition. One more good thing, that if you have installed this tweak ever on your iPhone or iPad, then you can enjoy Eclipse 4 completely free on your newly jailbroken iOS 10.2 iPhone or even for iPad too.

These days, we’ve seen DarkMessages that offers useful features and beautiful night mode dedicated to Messages app. It’s completely free available on Cydia, so if you’re crazy about messaging, you can try that tweak too.

However, I’d suggest to hands on Eclipse 4 that brings system-wide black or night theme that help us avoiding separate themes or tweaks for each applications on iPhone or iPad. You can head to the Eclipse Cydia tweak once and forget about night theme because it would be one for all.

Eclipse 4 Cydia tweak, repo and free

Once you’ve free version of this tweak, a separate settings pane would be added to the Settings app where you can change many key features.

  • Toggle the tweak on or off: You can quickly turn of Night mode or enable night theme by this toggle.
  • Toggle the tweak in SpringBoard: This feature adds a toggle to the springboard from where you can quickly turn on or off Eclipse tweak.
  • Play around with your custom color options: If you don’t like black colour for night theme, you can choose any of your favourite colour for Eclipse theme.
  • Choose the applications that the tweak works in: If there are certain apps on which you don’t wanna enable Eclipse, you can choose them in the black listed app or just add all apps in the white list so that you don’t have to enable night theme for every single app manually.
  • Override black colors with a selected text color in apps that won’t play well with Eclipse: You can choose your own text color in case you don’t like black text colour.

There are various options available to choose or change colour combination when you head to the settings pane of Eclipse Cydia tweak. So, it is better than leave all settings default regarding colour combination.

There are couple of options that you should consider to change:

  • Navigation Bar colour: I’d suggest to change navigation bar color to grey or any other colour because it’s really great fun to change navigation bar colour.
  • Black or Blue theme: You can choose System-Wide colour theme using Eclipse options.
  • Buttons or Control Center: Now, you’ve options to change control centre colour background or button colours of your own choice.
  • Status Bar: Eclipse Cydia tweak allows user to change status bar colour.

From status bar to control centre including Notification Center, you can change colour at any time you want using Eclipse settings options. There are many many more options and features coming to the new version of Eclipse 4 which is available on Cydia for free if you’ve installed it before.

Yeah, you can try the tweak using HackYouriPhone repo for free before purchase. However, I recommend to purchase it once and then enjoy all future updates for free. You can try searching Eclipse repo that would offer you installation link.

If there is anything else that I can help you, please ask in the comment section.