Tongbu can be useful to download Appstore paid apps for free. It can be installed on Android, iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone after jailbreak or without jailbreak.

Tongbu is one of those jailbreak apps that work even without jailbreak and is capable to install apps for free on iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch. It’s compatible for iOS from iOS 10 to iOS 4.3. It can be installed on iPhone 4S and even iPhone 6 Plus.

Even, Tongbu Assistant can be installed on Mac OS X and Windows computer to manage iPhone, iPad apps just like iFunBox, iTools and iTunes. Chinese users use Tongbu Assistant on PC to manage iPhone files as iPhone file manager.

Tongbu is specially developed for iOS device, but with the time it’s available for Android and Windows too. The primary reason to develop Tongbu was playing games on iPhone, but now jailbreak users use it to install paid apps for free on iPhone and iPad after jailbreaking.

Tongbu alternatives: I found that large number of jailbreak users use similar apps like TongBu. If you can’t use iTongPush, I would recommend to download vShare, AppAddict or AppCake. All of these apps are in English version and can download paid apps for free for you just like Tongbu.

Tongbu is not just a single application, but it’s a app store for both the firmware whether you’ve jailbroken device or without jailbreak. It works similar on both the device. And, difference is, you’re limited to install free apps without jailbreak and if you’ve jailbroken iPhone or Android device, then you can install paid apps for free using Tongbu.

Tongbu English version is not available, but the smart users can install Auto Translate Cydia tweak to use TongBu English version. This tweak translates Chinese version in English. So, if you’re English user and Chinese is not convenient for you, then use above Cydia tweak and download Tongbu Chinese version without any issue.

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can use Tongbu as iPhone file manager too. Users can transfer books, music files, videos and images from their iPhone to computer. Its like ultimate iPhone manager and must have Cydia tweak for those users who can’t purchase iFile.

Tongbu is not just an iPhone application, but the developers of TongBu created forum, website and various extensions for Tongbu. The developers are adding more and more latest apps, games and features for free in updated version. Tongbu can be a video format converter for you. Have you any song and wanna make it ringtone? Tongbu can create a ringtone from your MP3 song in couple of minutes.

The apps is so useful except language. The language is only Chinese. But, if you read my above statement, you can use Cydia tweak to translate Tongbu very easily. Furthermore, you can go for iTongPush. It’s another great product launched by Tongbu team specially for iPhone and iPad for English users.

How to install Tongbu on Mac or Windows

As I said earlier, you can use Tongbu on PC also. It offers various solutions for Mac and Windows PC. Follow couple of steps to download Tongbu to your PC.

Go 1: Download Tongbu Assistant for Windows computer.

Go 2: Once you installed Assistant application on your Mac or Windows PC, launch it.

Go 3: Connect your iPhone or iPad to the Windows PC where you’ve installed TongBu Assistant app.

Go 4: Tongbu Assistant automatically send a popup message on your iPhone or iPad asking to install TongBu on your iPhone.

There you go!

You can Download TongBu directly on your iPhone

Don’t have Windows or Mac PC? Don’t worry. Follow below steps to install Tongbu directly on your iPhone.

Go 1: Connect your device to WiFi and open Safari web browser.

Go 2: Now, point your web browser to The website would ask you to install iPhone application. Choose the correct version for your device. If you’ve jailbroken device, choose jailbreak Tongbu otherwise normal version would be okay. Actually, there would be two logo give out there on website. Jailbroken device user need to choose Pineapple logo whereas non-jailbreak device user need to tap on Apple logo.

How to Use Tongbu English

I found a lot of users asking that Tongbu doesn’t work any more and it can’t install paid apps for free. The simple reason is “AppSync”. Just like other InstallOus like apps, Tongbu also depends on AppSync Unified Cydia tweak.

To make it work properly, you need to install AppSync Cydia tweak on your iPhone with TongBu.

If you’re on non-jailbreak device, you need to use search feature to download and install free apps on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

If you’ve any issues or query about auto translate Cydia tweak, just leave a single line comment and we can help you out. Thanks.