AppAddict can be included in few those iPhone apps that work on both firmware whether it is jailbroken or not. The most current version of this app is “AppAddict iOS 10”. However, the same version works on iOS 10 too, but its limited to free apps.

Yeah, if you were looking any app that work on iOS 10 without jailbreak or searching the best InstallOus alternative, then answer is “AppAddict” for both of your questions. No doubt, 25PP, AppCake and HipStore are couple of best alternatives to Installous that install cracked apps without paying anything, but AppAddict can be installed on devices that’s not jailbroken.

If you install latest version of AppAddict on your jailbroken device, you can install some cool themes, popular paid games for free and of course numerous free apps as well. But, at the same time if you’d install it on iOS 10 or newer firmware which is not jailbroken, AppAddict iPhone app would allow you to install MovieBox, Emu4iOS and some other cool game emulators and apps without jailbreak your iPad or iPhone.

Now, the question is, how to download AppAddict on jailbroken device or if you’ve installed iOS 10, then how to install AppAddict without jailbreak iOS 10 on your iPhone. No problem, below is the ultimate article on the app that would allow you to install App Addict on both situation.

How to Install AppAddict iOS 10 From Cydia

Do you’ve jailbreak your iPhone ever? If yes, you surly aware of Cydia installer and repositories. Here, this way, you need to add a repo source and then we’d download the app that we wanna install with this article. So, lets start whole process.

Suppose, you’ve iPhone that is not jailbroken, you can follow method-2, but we’d recommend you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad using TaiG jailbreak which is available completely free with Cydia bundled. It means, once you jailbreak iPhone using TaiG, Cydia would be installed.

Jailbroken? Okay, no problem. follow below steps:

Go 1: If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, it would have Cydia installed (Don’t say, it’s not). Connect your iPhone with WiFi or 3G and open Cydia installer. It would reload data which is just a common process each time when you open Cydia, it would reload data. Don’t worry about it and once it completed, tap on “Sources”. (You’re going to add AppAddict repo source)

Go 2: Sources section contains various options, you need to find out “Edit” tab. Tap on it. Then the next tab would be “Add”. Here you need to type AppAddict repo address which is, That’s it.

Now, tap on Add source and finish adding this repository. You’d get couple of warning message or alerts during adding this repo address, just finish installation. Don’t worry about those alerts. That’s formality.

Go 3: Within a minute your AppAddict repository would be installed and you’re ready to download AppAddict iPhone app from Cydia. Look, it would take couple of minutes adding repository sources depending your internet speed. Once it get finished, you need to tap on Return to Cydia.

Go 4: Now, again tap on Sources and scroll down to AppAddict repository. There you need to tap on it and install two applications. Yeah, two apps. One is AppAddict iPhone app itself and second one is “AppSync“. The second app, AppSync Unified is the plugin that helps any app to install unsigned apps to iPhone or iPad.

Note: If you’d not install AppSync Unified latest version on iOS 10 or any jailbroken device, AppAddict won’t work. Simple is that.

How to Install AppAddict iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

There are many geek who can’t live without updating their jailbroken device to new firmware which is not jailbroken and lost their jailbreak and after that search the way to install jailbreak apps without jailbreaking their iPhone. No problem. If you’re one of them and upgraded to iOS 10, here is the way to download AppAddict and install it on iOS 10 without jailbreak.

Go 1: The simple thing you need to do is, install iFunBox on your Windows, Mac or iPhone. iFunBox 2016 edition works on all the platform. If you’re using iPhone to install iFunBox, we’d recommend to look for iFunBox iOS 10 app which is available on the web for free.

Go 2: Once you installed iFunBox iOS 10, search for AppAddict. It would be listed with couple of other alternatives on the list of iFunBox searching. Install it directly on your iPhone using iFunBox iOS 10.

That’s it.

Update: You can try vShare iOS 10, if AppAddict iOS 10 doesn’t working on iOS 10 without jailbreak. Kuaiyong is also great alternative to AppAddict, if you’re looking for non jailbreak device.

Update: If you’ve jailbreak device, you can go for AppCake, 25PP, HipStore, Zeusmos, AppTrackr, PandaApp, iPA Search or iPA Installer Console as alternative to AppAddict.