AppSync iOS 9 Cydia tweak is the key of installing unsigned apps which are outside from AppStore

After jailbreaking, the first thing that common Cydia user would do is installing apps outside from AppStore. To do so, he must install AppSync as it allows user to install unsigned apps. The developers have recently released AppSync Unified iOS 10.2 app to fulfill the requirement gap.

I’ve a list of must have Cydia tweaks which you should look at once you’ve jailbreak iOS 10.2…

  • Docker
  • Springtomize
  • Activator
  • AppSync
  • Barrel
  • Auxo or Stratos
  • PKGBackup
  • iFile
  • Winterboard or Dreamboard
  • CyDelete8
  • CSources2

All of these tweaks need AppSync Unified, a popular and most wanted Cydia tweak. So, now when you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, I’d recommend to install this tweak in the first place. But, you should go only behind the official repo rather than any other Cydia source.
If you’re planning to install iPhone Game Emulator such as GBA4iOS or Emu4iOS or NDS4iOS or any other jailbreak AppStore apps such as vShare, Kuaiyong, AppAddict, InstallOus alternatives, AppCake or 25PP, you’d need AppSync for sure. This is the power bank for all these Cydia apps.

Required Steps:

  1. Add official AppSync repo address
  2. Download AppSync Unified iOS 9
  3. Install AppSync 9 Cydia tweak
  4. AppSync Not Working – Now Fixed

So, now I hope, you’ve installed AppSync most current and updated version on your iPhone. At last, I would remind you to download AppSync Unified app only from official repo url.

Nowadays, many iPhone malware such as YiSpector and xCodeGhost are affecting iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch. If you’ve any query, you can comment them using our guest account of