HipStore English Version available for Download. Hip Store can be installed on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Now when InstallOus is dead, the first choice of jailbreak users for an alternative to InstallOus is “HipStore”. HipStore also known as Hip Store and Hip-Store. It allows Cydia users to install iPA formatted apps on jailbroken iPhone or iPad and even on Android device after rooting it.

In simple description, Hip-Store allows user to install cracked apps on iOS and Android devices. Now actually, developer of HipStore says that this app is just a platform to test paid apps for free before purchasing them. If you like that paid app, you can purchase and help the developer. That’s it.

HipStore is developed and working just like Pandaapp, vShare and Zeusmos. All of these jailbreak apps are available on Cydia store for free. You can download HipStore and other alternatives for free and can install numerous cracked and free iPhone apps or Android apps for free.

HipStore Alternatives: Aptoid, Mobogenie, vShare, AppCake, Zeusmos, Pandaapp, AppAddict, Kuaiyong and 25PP are the best alternatives for Hip Store.

Requirements of Installing: The first and most important thing is jailbreaking. Hip Store and other alternative apps can be work only when you jailbreak and install AppSync on your iPhone or iPad. There are count less options available for jailbreaking. You can use TaiG for Windows and PP Jailbreak for Mac OS.

You’d get Cydia installer if you use TaiG jailbreak, because it comes with Cydia bundled. Cydia installer is must to download and install HipStore on your iPhone.

AppSync is a Cydia tweak which is extremely required to run HipStore properly. Many users argue me that Store app doesn’t working and doesn’t install any cracked application. This is just because of AppSync Unified Cydia tweak. Install it and you’re done.

How to Install HipStore from Cydia

Once you get all the requirements done which are mentioned above, you can download HipStore and install it on your jailbroken device from Cydia app store.

Step 1: While jailbreaking, you’d installed Cydia app store. HipStore can be download and installed using repo source which address need to be added before downloading the app. Scroll down home page and find out Cydia.

Step 2: You need to add http://cydia.heaveniphone.com repo source. To add HipStore repo, open Cydia and tap on “Sources”> “Edit”> “Add”.

Step 3: Type above give repo source and finish installation of the repo source. Now, the third step is download HipStore. So, return to Cydia and again tap on Sources and tap on above added repo source.

There you’d found HipStore latest version. Tap on it and you’d see install button from right upper corner. Tap on install link and finish download and installing HipStore.

How to Download and Install Apps Using HipStore

So, now you’ve installed InstallOus alternative app. But, how would you use it to install paid apps for free. You need to follow some tricky steps in order to install free apps and as well as paid also.

Step 1: To download any iPhone app, open Hip Store and look for search bar.

Step 2: Using search feature, you can easily find your favorite iPhone or Android application within a minute. Tap on Search bar and type the name of your application that you wanna install on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. And, press enter button when you done your searching.

Step 3: The next screen would contain app icon, full details about version and in the end you’d see download or install button. That’s it. You need to tap on download or install button and your installing would be start. HipStore English version runs very fast using WiFi connection, you just need to use your WiFi connection to install any free or paid apps.


HipStore Android: The app is available for Android devices too as far as Android device is rooted.

HipStore download: It’s free. You can easily download and install on your iPhone, iPod, iPad Air, iPad Mini and Android device.

HipStore English: Suppose, the latest version is not available in English version, you can install auto translate Cydia tweak and use this app very easily without an issue.

HipStore no jailbreak: It’s a jailbreak application which can’t be installed without jailbreak. Simply, you need to jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android device in order to use this app.

HipStore Alternative: I’ve listed up all the most useful alternative to Hip Store, you can download them for free.

HipStore not working: It needs AppSync Unified Cydia tweak which is available on Karen’s repo source which is completely free. You can download it and install to make Hip Store work properly.

HipStore won’t install apps: As I stated above, you need to install AppSync with HipStore.