iAP Cracker list of many popular games, available for Android, and free on Cydia repo source to download the supported plugins, updates for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch make iAPCracker a game changer Cydia tweak for jailbreak users.

We all love games and specially the games that have a lot of power addons aka in-app purchases. These in-app purchases can be free or paid. If you wanna use them, you need to connect your credit card to the AppStore and purchase using that credit card.

But, many users try them before actually purchasing those in-app purchases on their iPhone. How can some users try those paid in app purchases without actual purchase? Is it possible? May be! Using iAP Cracker, many users running on jailbreak iPhone or iPad install these paid purchases absolutely free.

If you’re one of them who wanna try those paid in-app purchases before purchasing, I’m gonna show you what other users are doing with their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to get these free in-app purchases. But, before installing iAP Cracker or any other Cydia tweak, you need to know how does iAPCracker work? And, should you download this tweak to install free in-app purchases!

When you install any free game or paid one that contains paid in-app purchase and if you’ve installed iAP Cracker on your iPhone or iPad, when you tap to download and buy that in-app purchase, iAP Cracker would bypass that purchase order and redirect you directly on the page that contains installation link. That’s it.

Whole process is much easier than looks like, but this is not genuine method and not allowed by Mac developer company. As a Cydia users we should use jailbreak for good cause and not for piracy. I’d recommend all our readers and jailbreak users to purchase paid in-app purchase rather than using iAP Cracker or any other Cydia tweaks to do piracy. I hope you got my point. We all should respect the developers who create free and paid games with great hard work and we jailbreaker do piracy to crack their hard work. Please purchase those paid in-app purchase and show you support towards developers.

Anyways, if you’re interesting to know the process, I’m gonna show you for your information mood. iAP Cracker is a Cydia tweak and it requires jailbreak and Cydia. Another must have Cydia tweak is required to download iAP Cracker and install on your iPhone is “AppSync“.

If you’ve jailbreak iOS 10.2, install AppSync Unified Cydia tweak to go for the next step. I read comments on iPhoneCake.ORG blog about iAP Cracker not working and official iAP Cracker repo. I’d like to comment about it that you should install AppSync working Cydia tweak first before installing or use iAP Cracker app.

One more thing, iAP Cracker supports wide range of games even large list of applications, but it doesn’t work on subscription based games or apps. So, don’t try the game list that’s a subscription based. I hope you understand.

iAP Cracker is not a end of these type of Cydia tweak. There are couple of iAP Cracker alternatives available on the jailbreak app store. Look at the list of alternatives to iAPCracker.

  1. iAPFree
  2. LocaliAPStore
  3. iAPCrazy

If you’ve planned to install iAP Cracker only, you need following things…

  1. iAP Cracker Repo
  2. iAP Cracker Download Links
  3. iAP Cracker List
  4. How to Use iAP Cracker

 If you’ve any kind of query, you can comment below, I’m here whole day to help you guys…