iAPFree – It’s another great Cydia tweak to get free In-app purchases.

I recently demonstrated LocaliAPStore Cydia tweak and the official repo source to download and install it and explained how to use it. Many games and apps are not supported by LocaliAPStore. For those games and applications, users install iAPFree repo.

It’s the best option that users are applying on their iPhone after quick jailbreak. Couple of days ago, Cydia Sources blog has published a whole three page iAPFree List of games that are supported by this tweak and the list was really full of wonderful and interesting games.

It works just like iAP Cracker, but supports more apps and games using the same techniques and requirements. There is no limit of apps and games that have in-app purchase and all of them can be free for you using iAPFree. There are countless users think that they should try before actually purchase that in-app purchase or AppStore app, so then use iAPFree and other alternatives such as iAPCrazy to hands on them.


  1. Jailbreaking: To try or install any of the Cydia tweak or the app out side from Apple AppStore, you need to jailbreak your iPhone first. Before getting hands on iAPFree, jailbreak your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, whatever you’ve using TaiG, PP Jailbreak or K33n tool.
  2. Cydia and Supported Tweaks: To make iAP Free fully compatible for iPhone to get free In-app purchases, it requires Cydia and one more tweak known as AppSync Unified app.

Note: Without above requirements, iAPFree won’t even run on your iPhone or iPad. So, before trying this tweak, make sure that you’ve fulfilled above steps and requirements.

How to Install iAPFree on iPhone

There’re few steps that can be performed to install this tweak. I hope, you’ve done above requirements and now you’re ready to install In-app purchase tool. Follow some very short and targeted steps given below…

Go 1: Cydia is a huge AppStore, you just need to add correct repo source to install your favorite tweak. In iAPFree installation case, you need to add a repo source from where you need to download and install iAPFree and AppSync iOS 10.2 app. To do that tap to Cydia icon and open it.

Go 2: Now, tap on Sources section which is given in the bottom bar of Cydia app interface. Quickly tap on “Edit” and very next tap on “Add” link.

Go 3: A repo box would be pop up, type http://repo.hackyouriphone.net or http://sinfuliphonerepo.com. And, tap on Add button. The warning alert would be pop up on very next page where you need to tap on “Add Anyway” and then return to Cydia.

Go 4: Tap on Packages that you’ve installed on above steps and search the tweak. To search, type “iAPFree” and “AppSync”. Don’t forget to install AppSync Unified Cydia tweak.

Note: If you need more supported games and plugins, you can install iAPFree Core Plugin which is also free. Core Plugin Cydia tweak is also available on the repo source for free.

LocaliAPFree or LocaliAPStore is an alternative to iAPFree and they’re also free. In addition, iAP Cracker and iAPCrazy are also good alternatives. You can try any of these tweaks as alternatives. AppSync is required in all cases.


iAPFree not Working

Go 1: Make sure that you’ve added correct repo and you’ve downloaded iAPFree from Official repo source.

Go 2: Make sure that you’ve installed AppSync Unified tweak. And, Core plugin is also required to run this tweak properly.

Go 3: Uninstall LocaliAPStore, iAP Cracker or iAPCrazy, if you’ve installed them separately.

iAPFree List

Below are few top games that have in-app purchases and iAPFree is capable to run on it. Candy Crush and Clash of Clan are the games which are not possible to handle. Actually, these games directly verify purchase receipts through Apple’s online server and updates the app regularly.

  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Angry Birds
  • Camera+
  • Cut the Rope 2
  • GT Racing
  • Minecraft
  • Infinity Blade
  • Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
  • Urban Crime

Users can try alternatives or other supported games using iAPFree. If you’re facing any error or issue, let me know via comment and if possible, I’d look into it.

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