If you wanna install LocaliAPStore, you should learn how to use it and which are the apps and games that Local iAP Store supports. I mean list of apps that are supported by LocaliAPFree.

The whole process of installation and usage is full of confusion. Very few users who exactly how to install LocaliAPStore repo and how to use it. After installation, it offers free in-app purchases, but how? Do you know?

The simple trick is, LocaliAPStore Cydia tweak sends users directly to download and install page rather than payment process in AppStore. This is how, you don’t have to pay anything from your side. This Cydia tweak is one of the most popular and working solution till yet after iAP Cracker.

Alternatives: iAP Cracker, iAPFree and iAPCrazy are the main competitor for LocaliAPStore, so if you’re looking any other app like this one, then I would list up above alternatives for you.

You can count the apps and games in various category, because limitless apps are registered on AppStore and this is the main reason why iPhone and iPad users are searching the best in-app purchase tool. iAP Cracker was the ideal Cydia tweak and now LocaliAPStore works like a pro.

According to the developers, you can’t found such a large number of games and apps from jailbreak AppStore too. There are a few alternatives coming to the jailbreak app store, but the most successful Cydia app after iAP Cracker is LocaliAPStore.

Very few jailbreak apps works smoothly on iOS 10.2 or any newer firmware, but LocaliAPStore is developed with such a nice coding that it works just like a charm on any newer jailbroken firmware. The users who are using LocaliAPStore, install iAPFree too for complete solution. Both the apps work fine on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air and iPad Mini.


To get hands on LocaliAPStore, you need to follow some simple steps and must know the requirements that should meet with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in order to install Local iAP Store on your jailbroken firmware.

1st: To install any Cydia tweak or app, you must jailbreak and this condition apply on LocaliAPStore too. You can easily download and install this tweak from anywhere on your iPhone, but the first thing you must know is “jailbreak”. To make your side easier, I would list up couple of names such as TaiG, PP Jailbreak, PanGu and K33n or Keen. TaiG is available for iOS 10.2, iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.2, while PanGu is for iOS 8.1 and iOS 7.1.2. You can use PP Jailbreak if you’re using Mac OS X and K33n is for iOS 10.2. It is being said that Keen is developing iOS 10.2 jailbreak. Anyways, if you’re still on iOS 10.2, you can use TaiG.

2nd: The second most important thing is the correct “LocaliAPStore Repo Source”. You must download compatible Cydia tweak from official repo address. To get correct and official repo source, look the rest of this article.

3rd: AppSync aka “AppSync Unified”. This is popular Cydia tweak. AppSync allows LocaliAPStore to install unsigned apps or games without any issue.

How to Install LocaliAPStore

If you’ve completed above requirements, which is so easy to complete, you’re ready to download and install this Cydia tweak on your iPhone or iPad. Simply, follow some very short steps…

Go 1: Launch your jailbreak app store, “Cydia”.

Go 2: Do you know, how to add repository? Add above listed LocaliAPStore repo URL.

Go 3: After finishing the repo installation, search the repo for “LocaliAPStore“. Install it.

Go 4: Install AppSync Unified app and reboot your device.


How to Use LocaliAPStore

Remember, installing the tweak is really easy, but the right steps to use is really difficult. Many users each day complain that LocaliAPStore doesn’t work on iOS 10.2 or any newer firmware. Why? Because most of the users don’t know correctly how to use it. See below…

Go 1: Look, the users are not required to configure any steps in order to enable LocaliAPStore. This tweak is just like pen drive. Plug and play. So, connect your iPhone with WiFi or any internet connectivity.

Go 2: Open LocaliAPStore and make it available silently on background as a task. Now, you need to open AppStore and install any app that contains In-app purchase. The app shouldn’t be subscription based.

Go 3: Without wasting any more minute, you need to tap on Install the app and after installation, tap on “Get In-app purchase” option.

LocaliAPStore actually does what I explain above in the first portion of this article. So, keep quite and enjoy free in-app purchase. Suppose, any game or app doesn’t work, don’t lose your hope, leave a single comment and I would look into it.