WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone, Android and PC

WhatsAPP is a messaging platform which is owned by FaceBook. This messaging concept got huge popularity and thus, Facebook acquire it. Numerous jailbreak app developers have created their own Cydia tweak based on WhatsAPP. However, WhatsAPP Plus is one of the most popular Cydia apps available on the web.

Despite huge popularity, there are couple of more iPhone messaging apps have been popular such as Hike, Vine and a lot more. One of the main reason behind this apps is, WhatsAPP misses couple of core features.

To fill the gap, Cydia tweak developers have created couple of tweaks such as WhatsAPP Plus, Whatsui and blah blah. The tweaks were developed to provide missing feature from original app.

WhatsAPP Plus is available for wide range of platform and devices such as iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch for iOS and many other Android devices. In some cases, users successfully install WhatsAPP Plus for PC also.

WhatsAPP Plus offers couple of really useful features such as…

  1. User can hide his own online status and last seen on iPhone or iPad
  2. Improved Stealth mode
  3. Sharing of unlimited music files
  4. User can set Status message for more than 140 characters.
  5. Using WhatsAPP Plus iPhone user can block any user easily without any knowledge or message to blocked person.

WhatsAPP Plus iPhone app can be installed on Android devices too and the same time it can be used on iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch too. If you wanna download WhatsAPP Plus app for iPhone, you just need to jailbreak your device in the first place.

WhatsAPP Plus iPhone Installation Requirements:

  • Jailbreaking: Without this process, you can’t go ahead. Make sure to jailbreak your iPhone with TaiG, PanGu or PP Jailbreak team. I can’t say anything about TaiG, it’s so popular Chinese team who develops untethered jailbreak for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPod Touch and various other tools. At the same field, PanGu has the bright past of releasing couple of popular jailbreak tools for iOS 7.x series. You can use one of them to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.
  • Cydia Installer: The another important install for iPhone to have before starting installing WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone or iPad. But, don’t worry, the untethered jailbreak would install Cydia app.


Once you’ve downloaded and installed Cydia installer, you’re completely ready to go for download WhatsAPP Plus or WhatsAPP+ for iPhone, iPad for free.

  1. Make sure that you’re connected to internet connection or WiFi.
  2. Now, open Cydia app and directly tap on Sources which is given at the bottom of your screen. Head to it.
  3. The section would have BigBoss repo source. Tap on it and scroll down till you don’t found WhatsAPP Plus or the other name is WhatsAPP+
  4. Once you found it, tap and start downloading the app. After downloading, it would ask you to install, tap on Install button, that’s it.

Suppose, you can’t found any package from BigBoss repo source for WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone, just tap on Search and type the app name. You’d definitely found the correct working app.


WhatsAPP Plus for Android (Samsung Galaxy S series+ more)

A ten years boy or girl can download WhatsAPP Plus Android version from Google Play store. Follow some very easy and quick step to install WhatsAPP+ on your Android powered device.

Go 1: You can go directly to http://www.play.google.com and explore Google Play Store to find working WhatsAPP Plus app for Android device. You can use Search box to find the app. Do it.

Go 2: Another easy step is, open Android Market app and use Search box to find out the compatible app for Android. Search WhatsAPP Plus for Android and tap on Download button, it would install the app after your confirmation.

That’s it.

Note: To use WhatsAPP Plus on iPhone or iPad, you need to install WhatsAPP original app on your iPad Mini, iPad Air and if you’ve iPhone, then download and install the original app first.

The Good Things

WhatsAPP Plus iPhone app can hide online status and extend the size of status message and at the same time it can allow you to share unlimited music sharing through WhatsAPP+. There are many other features also mentioned on the developer’s site such as WhatsAPP Clone and blocking features.

The Bad Things

To install WhatsAPP Plus on your iPhone, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. If you’re already jailbroken your iDevice, then it’s really very easy to complete other steps, but if you’re not on the jailbroken device, it’s a matter of playing with dog.

If you’re stuck anywhere between downloading WhatsAPP Plus for iPad or iPhone and installing, just leave a single comment below and I’m personally help you.

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