How to Download and Install Show Box App for iPhone, iPad

No doubt, Movie Box app and Popcorm Time are the best movie streaming applications for iPhone and specially for iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPod Touch, but somehow if both of those apps are not working on your iPhone or iPad, you can have a look at Showbox which is another great live streaming app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and even Mac and Windows too.

I was talking about MoveBox app which was largely used live movie streaming application used by iPhone and iPad users, however, since iOS 9 released, it’s not working on iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini properly.

In such case, Show Box is only the option instead of trying PlayBox HD or any other ShowBox iOS 10.2 alternatives. So, I would strongly recommend Show Box app for iPhone instead of any other application out there from AppStore or anywhere else.

Now, the question is how to install Showbox if other applications not working on your device. The simple app is vShare. I’m a crazy fan of live streaming app for iPhone and iPad and I’d go for any level to download or install Show Box or Movie Box iOS 10.2 on my iPhone.

So, first step should be downloading the app that can help you to download ShowBox Movie streaming application and the app is vShare. The interesting thing is, Show Box installer, vShare has three versions for different different devices, if you’ve jailbroken, you can download separate version for that or there is another version available which works without jailbreak.

If you wanna install Showbox without jailbreak, you can download app mentioned by me above and try searching Show Box on the search box located on the top of vShare app. That’s it.

You can download below apps using v Share…