PwnTunes Import, Transfer Music from iPhone to Any Mac or Windows Computer without iTunes

PwnTunes iOS 9.3.3 released with the support of latest jailbreak and now, it’s capable to manage music of your iPhone or iPad without iTunes.

Just like many other Apple restrictions on iOS, syncing music to any computer is also the biggest restriction that let iPhone user most frustrating. In short, you can’t sync your music directory with any computer without the help of iTunes.

If you wanna transfer music from iPhone to computer, you need iTunes and you can sync to only one computer per iPhone, isn’t it restricted? Using PwnTunes Cydia tweak, you can sync music to any computer whether it’s Mac OS X or Windows. PwnTunes is compatible for iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad Air or any iPhone that’s jailbroken.

PwnTunes removes all the restrictions from iOS firmware related to syncing music. Once PwnTunes installed, you’re able to sync music and transfer music from iPhone to any device you want. You can transfer iPod Touch music to iPhone, iPad or any other computer without help of iTunes or Apple Mac OS X.

PwnTunes allows user to drag and drop all the music files on any computer you want. You just need simple installation of PwnTunes and that can be done after jailbreaking your iPod Touch or iPhone, the device on which you wanna test transfer music.

Do you know, why I like PwnTunes and wanna jailbreak for it? PwnTunes converts iPhone or iPad into USB Storage. It means, you can manage files from your iPhone or iPad from any computer you want. Just take a iPhone cable and connect your device with any computer and just open My Computer and open up your iPhone storage. That’s it.

Import, export, transfer or copy any files including photos, videos or music from iPhone to windows PC, Mac OS X or iPod Touch or iPad.

One more good thing, to transfer or manage iPhone music or files on any computer, you won’t need to download or install further software or tool like iFunBox, iTools or SynciOS. You can transfer music without help of iTunes. Just install PwnTunes on your iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad and that’s it.

PwnTunes iOS 9.3.3 is available on BigBoss repo source. Yeah, PwnTunes supports iOS 9.3.3 device now. I’d recommend to comment if you feel trouble to use PwnTunes in transferring music to computer or other device.