Cydia not working? Try best practice mentioned by experts…

iOS 10 jailbreak has been released for iPhone, iPod Touch 5G, iPad Air and iPad Mini. Saurik has updated Cydia and released Cydia iOS 10 with a quick shot. But, it may be possible that for some reasons Cydia not working or Cydia not opening at all. See how we can fix the issue. Your comments are always welcome.

So, you’re facing Cydia not working error, right? What’s the actual case? Is Cydia not opening at all or not installing Cydia tweaks? Look, the jailbreak developers have recently released the jailbreak iOS 10, and thus, Saurik has to release Cydia iOS 10 as quickly as possible, you can say within overnight.

It may be possible that there are couple of bugs or mistakes creating Cydia installer or couple of base Cydia tweaks such as PreferenceLoader or Apple Conduit 2 Cydia tweaks not working properly and so, you’re getting errors.

Sometimes, Cydia not working if you’ve installed it from external links or from unofficial methods such as OpenAppMKT or iNoCydia. I would recommend all the users to update Cydia from official sources or completely reinstall Cydia and all the tweaks to fix the issue.

You can trick with your iPhone where you need to press couple of iPhone buttons at once and restart your iPhone and Cydia would load in safe mode without buggy tweak, you can remove those buggy tweaks from Cydia and it would start working as normal.

I would recommend users to reinstall Cydia if in your case Cydia crashes completely. Suppose, Cydia reloading data doesn’t stopped or Cydia stuck at reloading data, you need to connect your iPhone to the internet connection and restart your Cydia installer.

I would also recommend users to post comments so that I can grab correct reason for Cydia not working on your iPhone or iPad. Leave your comments or edit me.