iOS 10.3 Cydia Installer Download, Best Tweaks

Cydia iOS 10.3 – Would be available for download soon…

Apple released iOS 10.3 and jailbreak developers have start working on discovering exploits to jailbreak and install Cydia 10.3.

According to various reports over PanGu and Yalu jailbreak, Cydia developer would instantly update Cydia according to demand that time when untethered jbreak would be available.

The previous Cydia installer is working on iOS10.2 that is possible with Yalu tethered jbreak. To use that jbreak and Cydia, you must first install iOS10.2 firmware on your iPhone or any device that is compatible for Yalu jbreak.

To do that you may want to download iOS10.2 from OTA or iTunes and then install it on your compatible device. This may be regular practice for you and it’s really easily too.

Once you downloaded and installed iOS10.2, you can jailbreak iOS10.2 and install Cydia too. So this is how, you can install Cydia on your jailbreakable device very easily.

How to Install Cydia iOS 10.3?

Once Apple releases iOS 10.3 public version that would be stable, PanGu or Yalu jailbreak would be available. Using that tool, you can download Cydia and install countless useful must have jailbreak apps on your iPhone.

Various developers such as OverSky, PanGu and Luca aka Yalu jbreak are behind release tethered or untethered jailbreak soon or later for iOS 10.3 and they did tests on their personal devices ofter. Most of the time, they uploads videos on YouTube demonstrating those jailbreak with Cydia installer. However in 90% cases those jailbreak doesn’t get public device ever.

Downgrade iOS 10.3 to iOS 10.2 to Download Cydia

Luca has just published tethered jailbreak in form of Yalu102 for iPhone and iPad which is the best option for you to install Cydia on. But, if you’re on iOS 10.3, you have option to downgrade on iOS10.2 for now.

As Apple still sign iOS 10.3, you can downgrade to iOS10.2 until Apple stops sign that firmware. So, you’ve best option to put you on downgrade firmware and download Cydia on it.

Officially, iTunes is available for all those firmware to downgrade iOS 10.3 which is able to get Apple sign certificate and for now, iOS10.2 is available for such conditions. But, if in the future, Apple stops sign iOS10.2, you can use Prometheus, TinyUmbrella or iFaith downgrade tools to install Cydia.

Is PanGu jailbreak expected for iOS 10.3?

There’s nobody ready to talk officially about PanGu iOS 10.3 jailbreak even the team member from PanGu sure about any future developments. However, we’re getting some insights from various sources about iOS 10.3 jailbreak and PanGu Developments.

According to our researches, PanGu would be king of iOS 10.3 and Cydia app would be available for iOS 10.3 with it. We’re getting news that panGu iOS 10.3 would be untethered tool which would work on all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Developments on Jailbreak iOS 10.3 and Cydia

We updates developments on each and every beta tests that can be found below…

Updated on 1st Jan 2017: Apple is expected to release the first beta of iOS 10.3 for developers. This first beta is not available for Public beta testers. Only registered developers can download iOS 10.3 to test it.

Updated on 15th Jan 2017: Now public testers can download new iOS 10.3 beta 1 on their devices by registering free beta account with Apple websites. Luca has tested iOS10.2 jailbreak on this firmware and tested Cydia which is not working on iOS 10.3.

We’d keep updating this article on future updates.