This month, we’ve seen a lot of new and updated Cydia tweaks for iPhone and iPad compatible for the most current jailbreak iOS 10.2. Surprisingly, the lots of new tweaks have been published…

So, the users are waiting to see couple of new Cydia tweaks right? Okay, we’ve come up with the Cydia tweaks which have been updated or new released dedicated to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

I’ve noticed one thing about iPod Touch that since iPod Touch 6th Generation has been released many iPod Touch 6G users have jailbroken their devices to install Cydia apps. And, this was the strong reason to bring couple of useful and new jailbreak tweaks for your iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

Before start anything, I’d love to mention that all the tweaks are working just smoothly on each device. And, the good news is, Winterboard has start working again on iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone and iPod Touch that have been jailbroken using iOS 10.2 jailbreak.

Anemone: Suppose, Winterboard is still not working on your iPad or iPhone, you can install Anemone Cydia tweak which is actually a theme manager for jailbroken device. It’s available on BigBoss repo.

BattSaver: It saves a battery by showing you many controls battery tweaks using the current preferences. One of the best and must have Cydia tweaks.

CirDock: This Cydia tweak makes circle dock just like Mac OS X.

Harbor: Now, when we listed CirDock which is OS X style dock, Harbor is also Mac OS X style dock. You won’t be disappointed after installing this tweak.

CClean: The best control center tweak that lets you clean control center items using CClean settings.

RemoteMessages: Remote Messages Cydia tweak lets you use iMessage on your Mac OS X or Windows PC. Remote Message iOS 10.2 is available on BigBoss Cydia source.

CallBar: This tweak brings cute call bar to the notification center. You can attend the FaceTime or other calls directly from screen anywhere without closing the current app.

Pegasus: In typical language, you can say Pegasus brings picture in picture mode or alternative to VideoPane Cydia tweak.

Media Downloader: If you often download videos, MediaDownloader Cydia tweak lets you download videos from various sources including YouTube.

iBlackList: This Cydia tweak blocks incoming calls and offers some serious features that you won’t get from any other jailbreak apps.

OnlineNotify: Using this Cydia tweak, you can get the notification for the particular user when he or she gets online.

PopCorn: I must tell you that this is not a PopCorn Time Cydia tweak, but it’s brings some cool features to jailbroken iPhone and iPad.

Tactful: You’ve heard about 3D touch, Tactful Cydia tweak brings 3D Touch to Cydia.

Other new Cydia tweaks….

  • Auris
  • ClassicLockScreen
  • Confero Cydia Tweak
  • Couria
  • DimMe
  • ExKeyboard
  • Grabby
  • HotDog
  • SystemWide
  • Tether
  • Tintch
  • VideoPane
  • LivePhotosEnabler
  • PhotosLive

Which tweak you’re going to download?