How to Add xSellize Repo to Cydia Sources List – Official Repository address

Adding any repository address is just a simple task for any jailbreak users. If you’ve jailbreak your iPhone or iPad from your side using TaiG or PanGu, then adding xSellize source is not a big deal. I’m gonna show you very easy steps to add this repo source within 1 minute.

If you don’t wanna read full article, you may follow some easy steps from below to avoid whole reading…

  1. Connect your iDevice (iPhone) to Internet connectivity.
  2. Open Cydia Installer app and you see “Sources”, just tap on it.
  3. Here, you’d see “Edit”, so, tap on it.
  4. The very next page would show you “Add”, tap on it.
  5. Here you need to add xSellize repository address. Type
  6. Cydia would alert you adding unknown repository source, just tap on “Add Anyway”.
  7. After successfully adding the repo source, return to Cydia.


What is xSellize Cydia Source

You may have used HackulOus, InstallOus, AppTracker and other Cydia Apps and repo source that were offering paid apps for free. Most of these repository address have been taken down. Why? I don’t know seriously. The so called reason is, they were facing hosting issues. Because large number of users were using it and the donation support was nothing.

Thanks to xSellize. This repo is one of the best Cydia sources and the oldest one. You can found many great paid apps easily on this repo source. xSellize developers has hosted separate forum, iPhone app and a few more projects that are orienting around jailbreak.

So, if you can’t live without paid apps, then there are two ways for you. 1st, buy those paid apps or 2nd, add xSellize repository to your Cydia installer.

That’s it.

How to Add xSellize Cydia Source

There are many guys who wanna learn how you can add this repository in detailed steps. Take a closer look at below readings or just follow the steps that I’ve mentioned in first three paragraph.


1. Jailbreak: For any kind of modification to your iPhone, jailbreak is must. You can’t run any apps from out side of AppStore without jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad Air. There are plenty of options available for jailbreaking. PanGu, TaiG, EvasiOn and K33n tools. If you’re running latest version and wanna install xSellize, then I would tell you that you can use TaiG jailbreak, it’s one of the best and working solution for latest firmware. TaiG is free and stable.

2. Cydia App: Where would you add xSellize repository? To get all the paid apps, there must be Cydia installer installed on your device. After jailbreaking, the second most important step is Cydia app. If you’re using TaiG tool, then there is no need to download Cydia installer separately. TaiG would install it automatically during jailbreaking.

Detailed Steps

Go 1: Once, you compete above requirements, again connect to your local internet provider or WiFi connection.

Go 2: You must know that you’re adding xSellize repository address, open Cydia and wait till whole data reloads.

Go 3: There are many sections in Cydia app, tap on Sources>Edit>Add.

Go 4: Type This is official xSellize repo source. Then, you need to follow on screen instructions.

Go 5: Return to the app and look for the installed sources. Browse your favorite paid apps and tweaks in xSellize source.


xSellize Alternatives

I’m using xSellize for quite long time and I’ve notice many great alternative Cydia sources to download paid apps without any charge. Take a look at few top alternatives.

  • AppAddict Repo: Suppose, there is any paid app that I can’t find on xSellize repository, I search it on AppAddict. It’s one of the best alternative for xSellize till the date. If you’re using desktop app, you can use it without jailbreak too.
  • iPhoneCake Repo: The second best alternative is iPhoneCake.COM. You can search paid apps from large database of free apps.
  • AppVV: There’re many great paid apps stored on AppVV repo source. If you wanna download those apps, you can download vShare and install on your iPhone even without jailbreak. AppVV repo source is surely best alternative to xSellize for paid apps without paying nothing.

xSellize Apps

Now, what you’d get suppose you add xSellize repository. You can download paid apps without any limit. Plus, there are countless game emulators available with ROM for free. GBA4iOS, Emu4iOS and NDS4iOS are few popular game emulators are available on the repository.

I would request users to post a single line comment, if you’ve any query or questions.