How to Download MyWi and Install on iPhone

The developer of MyWi, Intelliborn has created an amazing WiFi iPhone app. It works like a charm and WiFi tethering is superb. Recently, the developers have updated the Cydia tweak to iOS 10, after TaiG iOS 10 jailbreak release. The first public beta for iOS 10 is really works without any error except less features.

MyWi Cydia tweak offers unmatched features for WiFi tethering app. Thousands of users using it for years. It’s only the most complete WiFi tethering tool till yet. It hosts personal hotspot since the start of this app which is recently added by Apple officially in iOS 10 and iOS 10. Users can create WiFi hotspot using MyWi and connect other iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X easily and securely.

The most current and updated beta version of MyWi brings numerous new features and of course couple of user interface tweaks. Now, it’s capable to run on iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 which have large screen as well. Unfortunately, couple of features are not supported or either no enabled in this initial update which are mentioned by Intelliborn in the installation note. One of the most useful feature, OnDemand tethering is disabled whereas Bluetooth has also not been enabled yet. Since, Apple has added WiFi hotspot feature, MyWi instant hotspot feature is not working well. But yeah, user interface and couple of new features and tweaks have been added to the new beta version specially for iOS 10.

Except old users, many others are not favoring MyWi iOS 10, since it doesn’t support key features and now when Apple has added WiFi hotspot feature in iOS 8, MyWi becomes useless. Still, MyWi features couple of key features such as stock tethering, detailed stats and accurate WiFi tethering. Before deciding anything, you should take a closer look at change log that can change your mind. Intelliborn has clearly mentioned all the major issues with new beta version of MyWi iPhone app.

MyWi8 change log:

  • MyWi now supports iOS 8, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6.
  • Possible issue: Instant Hotspot not enabled
  • Possible issue: OnDemand Tethering/Bluetooth not enabled
  • Possible issue: Status bar icon is not available now (awaiting couple of lib status update to iOS 8)

This is how, MyWi8 brings couple of doubts, because lack of couple of key features. OnDemand tethering was a key feature and it’s missing in MyWi8. The same thing happens with Bluetooth tethering. While, WiFi instant hotspot is also not working due to couple of updates to iOS 8.

At last, this was just a first public beta and since more updates have to come, we should wait until while app is finished. I honored Intelliborn for their strategy that they’ve decided to release beta version and mentioned all the issues with their users.

Apple has great start with instant hotspot and settings related to WiFi, however, still it lacks many features specially MyWi has. I’m still fan on MyWi8 and hopping all features in MyWi9 or in next update. No doubt, the most compete stats and tethering features make MyWi a great WiFi tethering app. Using MyWi, you can check detailed statistics, data usage, battery status after usage of WiFi and settings related to DHCP. These are few features that make me convince that MyWi8 still my favorite.

I’m constantly updating and using MyWi Cydia tweak and keeping constant watch for new features and updates. I’d love to update you about future updates and features. At last, I would like to mention you that MyWi would cost you $19.99, if you’re new user with a free trial whereas upgrade over iOS 6 and iOS 7 is completely free.

I’m really excited to know what do you think about MyWi8 and the features that MyWi latest public beta missing. Does MyWi, latest version work on your iPhone?