How to Delete Stock Apps from iPhone using iOS 10, You can restore them later

Delete or Uninstall Apps from iPhone after installing iOS 10…

We are noticing since a decade that Apple doesn’t approve to uninstall stock apps which comes with iPhone and Pre installed iOS.

Yeah, there were some ways available after jailbreaking device, users can use Cydia tweaks to hide or move those unused apps to Nested folder or completely hidden from home screen.

Unfortunately, jailbreak iOS 10 is not available to download those Cydia tweaks to your iPhone to hide apps from your iPhone. Fortunately, iOS 10 brings functionality without Cydia tweaks that allows user to delete or uninstall apps from iPhone if you’re running iOS 10 or latest firmware after iOS 10.

Deleting apps was one of the most requested feature from users that was fulfill by Apple with iOS 10. The first beta allows user to remove stock apps simply by hold them and tap on cross icon right from apps. This is the same thing which you do while uninstall any app.

However, there is a catch. Yeah, unlike uninstalled apps, you can recover any deleted apps just by searching on AppStore and taping them to restore again on your iPhone.

Now the users specially running low storage device can get some more space after uninstalling or deleting stock apps from iOS 10. I’m talking about 16GB device users who often faces low space warning.

If you’ve developer account, you can instantly download iOS 10 and install it to remove apps or just wait couple of more days to release iOS 10 public beta when you can delete apps which are not used by you.

Would you install iOS 10 and remove apps iOS 10?