New iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S, What’s the difference?

Apple is just about to release iPhone 7 with three variant in which iPhone 7, i7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. And as always before release, the bunch of rumors coming from the web.

The users who are planning to buy new iPhone 7 Pro or other variant are confuse because it’s already rumored that iPhone 7 would just look like iPhone 6S and the difference would be one more deep blue color and iPhone 7 antenna lines.

Nowadays various leaks coming in a new videos that features iPhone 7 and here is another leaked iPhone 7 Pro which is compared with iPhone 6S variant. You can compare both of models side by side.

Interestingly major rumored and leaks are coming from China website Weibo. One of Chinese developer has uploaded YouTube video of iPhone 7 Pro comparing it with iPhone 6S that shows significant differences on the board.

Both the iPhones look same in terms of color and design as well as width in blow video and we can notice just a antenna lines which is different in iPhone 7 Pro which is gonna release soon by Apple.

We can notice one more changes in Camera size which is larger in iPhone 7 Pro vs iPhone 6S. Yeah, you may also notice the redesigned buttons specially those volume and Power related buttons.

You’d miss that 3.5mm jack which was available in iPhone 6S and i6s Plus related to audio and speaker. As this iPhone 7 Pro is in the same color vs iPhone 6S, we’re unable to demo that deep blue iPhone 7 variant.

The new iPhone 7 Pro, iPhone 7 Plus and regular sized iPhone7 is gonna be release this September, 2016. It’s widely rumored that iPhone 7 Plus would be clone of iPhone 6S and the different model would be iPhone 7 Pro which comes in two new colors.

The larger iPhone 7 Camera, bigger battery and new colors are the different comparing to previous iPhone 6S and couple of these features would attract new users in the USA, UK and Canada in the first place.

Would you buy new iPhone 7 Pro?