Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3, iOS 10 Cydia Tweaks more than 50 tweaks for iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch…

Apple was working on iOS 10 since long time to support couple of new iOS device such as iPad Pro, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and to power iPhone 4S too. iPod Touch is also in the supported list of iOS 10 compatibility list.

The developers of jailbreak iOS 10 would focus on untethered jailbreak 10 for iPad Pro, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S. It would be really fun to have Cydia iOS 10 AppStore on iPad Pro with jailbreak 9.3.

The developers of Cydia is already prepared for the upcoming jailbreak which would be compatible for all confirmed devices. Before iOS 10 download, iOS 10 is the major firmware for jailbreakers to practice for upcoming jailbreak iOS 10.

Don’t worry about Cydia AppStore because iOS 10 jailbreak would contain Cydia iOS 10 also. So, the careful step is download iOS 10 stable version and download jailbreak 10 for it to jailbreak iOS 9.3. One more thing, don’t download and install iOS 10 beta version. Apple releases iOS 10 beta for developers and public beta version which are not good for jailbreaking.

At last, official jailbreak iOS 10 is completely free and would be available 100% free of cost. If you see iOS 10 semi jailbreak or premium package, don’t buy or install those iOS 10 jailbreak. It may be scam or malware.

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