HideMeX iOS 10.2: The ultimate Cydia tweak that hides almost everything that you want from your iPhone or iPad.

So, what does jailbreak mean? The simple answer is, jailbreak allows user a complete liberty to customize iPhone or iPad our own way. The ability to hide or show whatever we want on our iPad or iPhone device.

A new jailbreak tweak released on Cydia AppStore that proves the truthiness of above answer. HideMeX is that new tweak from BigBoss repo source. It hides almost everything from your iPhone that you don’t wanna show to publicly.

There are many users who don’t wanna show time or battery percentage or dock on their iPhone. It’s not limited to battery percentage or dock only, but using HideMeX users can hide many items from folder, status bar, dock, springboard or from Lock screen.

Now, using HideMeX, you’re able to hide items from Control Center, so that there is no more need to install bunch of Cydia tweaks to hide Control center items, just install HideMeX. That’s it.

Actually, HideMeX is not a new Cydia tweak, the first version is known as HideMe7 and second one is HideMe8 and now, instead of HideMe9, the developer released HideMeX at all for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch compatible for iOS 10.2.

  • Alerts: Now, you can hide annoying alerts from Notification center.
  • Animation: If annoying animation slows down your iPhone, just hide those animation at all.
  • App Switcher: Do you wanna hide couple of things from AppSwitcher? HideMeX offers features for that too.
  • Control Center: HideMeX is ultimate Cydia tweak that allows user to hide almost every unused items from Control Center. No need to install bunch of Cydia tweaks for that.
  • Dock: Hide Background wallpaper from Dock or just whole dock using HideMeX Cydia Tweak.
  • Folders: HideMeX allows user to customize the look of folders too.
  • Home screen
  • Icons
  • Lock screen: You don’t like camera icon, just install HideMeX cydia tweak and hide it.
  • Notification Center: Hide the items from notification center that’s not useful.
  • Status bar: I don’t like battery percentage on Status bar, I just installed HideMeX and Hided that, isn’t it simple?

You just checked how useful HideMeX is. You can hide items from many sections. Just get a free version from BigBoss repo source or comment below to know the best trick to purchase HideMeX for your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.

So, start commenting…