Top 5 Best Cydia Sources that you don’t wanna miss. Add these repos and download all your favorite tweaks and jailbreak apps.

If you’ve jailbroken iPhone, iPad Pro, iPad Mini or any iOS device, you should have dedicated Cydia Sources based on your device. I mean, couple of repos made for dedicated device such as ModMyi repo source, it updates tweaks, apps daily for iPhone.

Just like that there are couple of Cydia sources available to get full version paid tweaks for free. Consider example of HackYouriPhone and BiteYourApple. Couple of years ago, it was InstallOus repo, Hackulous.

And, if I give you master jailbreak source, it would be BigBoss. It’s real bigboss of the Cydia sources. One of the best and daily updated repository of Cydia.

Here, I’m gonna list up 5 best Cydia sources with some bonus repos at the end of this article. Take note of that…

AppVV Cydia Source

If you’re game lover or wanna music to play on your iPhone or iPad. Or any kind of paid apps for free, you should first of all add AppVV repository. AppVV has developed a application called vShare that can be found on Apple AppStore for all iOS device to run genuine applications only. But, if you’ve jailbroken device, you can install jailbreak version.

Another version can be installed on any device which is not jailbroken, but it can also install any paid apps for free without jailbreak. vShare supports wide range of platform, you can download and install apps even without jailbreak. So, before adding any Cydia source, you need to add AppVV first.

BigBoss Cydia Repo

This is ultimate repo source to get almost all new free apps on your iPhone or iPad. One baby can easily say that BigBoss is the Cydia source, you should add first.

Tens of new Cydia tweaks release on this repository. You can be updated from 2/3 new and older Cydia apps from this source. Furthermore, BigBoss is the default repository that can accept your payment to purchase any paid Cydia tweaks.

xSellize Repo

This repository is also known as game source. xSellize is one of the best game repos. AirBlue Sharing also uploaded at xSellize repo source. It’s one of the best file sharing tweak that uses Bluetooth.

YourTube, Dreamboard, Barrel and iFile are also couple of paid apps available on xSellize Cydia source for free. But, you need to add xSellize source to get all these stuff on your jailbroken iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

ModMyi Repo

I add ModMyi source to my iPhone in the first place. The reason? I can explain, BiteSMS, BatterySafe, BytaFont and many other great Cydia hacks are hosted on ModMyi. Many Cydia pro users consider ModMyi as best Cydia source after BigBoss.

If you can purchase paid apps to get life time updates, you can add ModMyi and install Barrel, Winterboard, SBSettings, MyWi, IntelliScreenX and many other great paid and free apps.

iPhoneCake Repo

Do you’ve installed popular AppCake Cydia app? iPhoneCake repo source is the main developer of this app. You can download many other great iPhone game emulator like Nes4iPhone, DirtBiteMX and Retroarch game emulator.

If you’ve jailbroken you device and wanna download paid apps for free, many users add prefer to add iPhoneCake Cydia source.

I’ve promised all of you that I’d add couple of bonus repository address at the end of the article and this is the time when I expose those repo source to install paid Cydia tweaks for free.

  1. HackYouriPhone
  2. BiteYourApple
  3. iSpazio

Above two Cydia repos are best to get paid tweaks for free. I would recommend to add these repo source to try any paid apps before purchase.

So, I hope, you’ve enjoyed this Cydia sources list. Please review these sources and I would really love your comments and edits…