Barrel iPhone tweak was one of those compatible tweaks released for iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak this year…

So, what exactly Barrel does on your iPhone after installing it? You have noticed page scrolling on Android devices which looks cool. Barrel offers the same or better page scrolling effects on your iPhone, iPad Mini or iPad Air after jailbreaking and installing the tweak.

Barrel brings completely cool way to scroll springboard icons. Users can configure different icon scrolling effects on each page or one for all pages. Barrel is finally updated for iOS 11.1.2 now which is compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone.

Many users install Barrel first when they jailbreak their iPhone. Because, it offers some cool home page icon scrolling effects. Barrel adds scrolling effects to springboard pages just like we turn the pages from our notebook. Doesn’t it cool?

How to Install Barrel iOS 11.1.2

The original developer of Barrel is “Aaron Ash” and it has been hosted on BigBoss repo. As BigBoss is the default repository, you can search and purchase Barrel Cydia app to install on your iPhone or iPad. It’s available for $2.99 for the compatible devices.

Once Barrel installed, it adds setting page to the Settings app. You need to open Setting app and head to Barrel from Cydia tweaks category. First enable the tweak and then choose any one from wide range of Barrel icon effects. I like Cube effect more than any other.

After respring your iPhone, you’re ready to see page scrolling effects to your home screen pages. The users who don’t like Barrel can disable the tweak from Settings app just like before we’ve enabled it.

The users who don’t like Barrel iOS 11.1.2, I’d recommend another Cydia tweak which is free and available on the same repo source for free which is known as Cylinder.

Cylinder Cydia tweak is available on BigBoss for completely free. Barrel has more page scrolling effects comparing to Cylinder, but Cylinder is free while Barrel is available for iPhone for $2.99.

Both, Cylinder and Barrel offer the same page scrolling effects on iPhone and iPad. Now, it depends on your pocket which tweak would you prefer to install.

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