Download Seng jailbreak app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from BigBoss repo.

Today, there were couple of great jailbreak apps for release on Cydia AppStore. AndriOS, MultiPlexer and Seng was released and updated for the jailbreak iPhone and iPad.

Earlier today, AndriOS Cydia tweak was updated to fix the latest issues. Later on, Multiplexer Cydia tweak was released which contains some very useful multitasking features and then, the new Seng Cydia app was released for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Seng iPhone app is really anticipated Cydia tweak for iPhone with latest jailbreak. Yeah, it has less features than Multiplexer tweak, but still worth to install.

The developers of Seng tweak planned to release it back in August, which is highly inspired with Auxo Legacy Edition. But then, Seng is finally released now. So, for some reasons, you can’t install Auxo, you can go for Seng app.

If you like Auxo Cydia tweak and wanna alternatives, you should take a look at the features what Seng offers at the same ground…

Seng is basically App Switcher Cydia tweak but not limited to App Switcher. It divides iPhone or iPad interface in two different sections where upper section would be called as Top View while second interface would be called as Bottom View.

The good thing is, you can customize both the interface differently based on your need. The brightness, volume, slider and toggles each thing can be customized. Seng app offers detailed setting section. Once Seng is installed on your iPhone, you’re able to customize these sections.

Seng Cydia tweak is located on Control Center. It means, if you wanna use Seng iPhone features, you need to swipe up for control center and customize App Switcher or other features as well.

I must mention one great thing about Seng tweak, unlike other Cydia tweaks such as Springtomize and all other Cydia apps that need respring before applying settings, you don’t need to respring to apply settings for Seng. Customize the Seng app as your way and take a look in real time without resprings.

So, if you wanna test something new and unique specially for control center and for multitasking, you should definitely go for Seng. Based on my experience, the tweak would be great for them who like Auxo.

Would you like to install on your iPhone for free?